Beautiful Ending...

The biggest lesson God has been trying to teach me has been knowing who I am—I mean really knowing who I am and why I exist. I've studied for years different Bible verses on destiny and identity. I've spoken those words hundreds, maybe thousands of times...even when I thought they weren't true.

One thing I began to realize is that I have a very warped view of what a beautiful ending is. When I die and go to heaven, God won’t be asking how many albums I sold, if I had #1 singles, if I was a successful artist, if I made money, if I had a million Twitter followers or the most friends on Facebook. And yet for myself, and so many others, that has so often been my "finish line.” I think that somehow, when all is said and done, those things will give me value and make me feel like I've lived a full and successful life.

How quickly I forget that in the end, I take none of that with me. How quickly I forget that the "Spirit of the Lord God is upon me to preach good tidings to the poor, to bind the broken hearted, to set captives free...." I forget that I have been created with purpose and all that other stuff is just a distraction. And when those things become my goal, I sacrifice my calling for temporary satisfaction.

Do we know who we are? Have we forgotten our First Love? What is our end goal, our finish line, our "beautiful ending"? See, for my sisters and I, we know how easy it is to get off track and to begin to believe that somehow chasing the system, the numbers, the status will make us feel that our lives are truly valuable.

Our greatest fear is that we would forget our First Love, and begin to pursue "success" instead of a calling. That is the very reason we wrote “Beautiful Ending”— to remind ourselves of a promise we made to God, that "at the end of it all, I want to be in Your arms.”

So our question to you is this:
· Who are you? What do you feel is your calling/purpose?
· What does your beautiful ending look like? What will people say about your life once you are gone?
· In what ways have you fought to keep your eyes on that finish line (beautiful ending)?
· How would you encourage others to see and live out their own beautiful ending?
· What are some of the distractions we face that keep us from having a beautiful ending?
· What does it mean to you to have a beautiful ending?

Isaiah 61