How many times did I say Pumpkin Bread in this blog?

Well, happy Fall everyone! I actually love this time of year. Yeah, at first I'm always a bit sad that summer is over and that means another ridiculous Chicago winter is coming, but then I begin to smell that beautiful Fall smell and I realize how much I really enjoy about the season. Top things to do in the fall- bake chocolate chip pumpkin bread then consume every loaf for the next few days, watch Dr. Quinn with Lauren and then listen to Becca asking us why we never watch her shows, (I'll tell you why- because her shows always involve watching some dude eat the most repulsive things like moose eyes or sloth toenails or fish that's been rotting for 45 years, and then he has the audacity to tell the viewers its some kind of delicacy! No thank you. I'll stick with Dr.Quinn and pumpkin bread) rake leaves and jump in them. Actually ok nix that last one cause have you actually tried that recently? I don't know about you but I used to LOVE jumping in the leaves as a kid and I tried it again last year with my nieces and nephew and ummm it was not at all like I remembered. Now its just painful. Maybe when you're 40 pounds leaves really can break a fall and somehow feel like a cushion, but now it just feels like you're jumping high and landing on the hard cold ground. (Maybe that could also mean i need to lay off the pumpkin bread) ok moving on....let's see....Oh we've been working on our Christmas tour set. Its going to be so fun! I can't wait to hear the songs with the string players. Oh, and I'm pretty sure Lauren and I may have almost convinced Becca to sing her solo on this tour...(Keep you're fingers crossed) You could also help us convince her by tweeting her and telling her you'd like to hear her lovely voice live. That may help.....or she may never talk to me again....
Another thing that I've been doing is pressing into God like crazy cause I've been feeling for some time now that He is up to something new. The verse Matthew 9:17 where Jesus talks about how we can't pour new wine into old wineskins has been in my head for months now and I feel it's a perfect picture of what He is up to. Many of us are in a great season of transition and it can be scary unless we take the challenge to look deeper. Maybe we've been "comfortable" long enough. Maybe it's time for Christians to actually look and act like Christ. Maybe He meant what He said in John 14:12, "...He who believes in Me , the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do..." I so feel that we are in a Joel 2 season. God is pouring Himself out like I've never seen nor experienced before. He's looking for a people on whom He can pour new dreams, bigger visions, new callings, renewed hope, and most of all Himself. I've never felt so stirred in my calling and yet so sure that no matter where He leads- He is my ultimate reward. See, if I need this worlds approval, attention, or measure myself by their reward system than I can never truly fulfill my calling to change it cause then I'm just bringing more of my ego and less of His glory. There's so much more in my heart right now, but I'll leave it with this- yes times are shaky right now and life for many feels uncertain, but perhaps this great sifting was all apart of a great plan to make room for what's to come. Take the challenge- He's so worth it.