On Our Way Home

Hey internet! (or as my mom still calls it "the world wide web") We are just on a plane (shocker) flying home from Guatemala and I thought that I'd like to write a journal. Also, Beka Hardt was kicking my butt in Yahtzee and I hate to lose- and right now she is looking over my shoulder asking me to tell you all her score. She got 441 points, and I...well I just lost. So next time any of you see her maybe you can congratulate her, get her a trophy, or throw a party. Oh and Becca Barlow wants everyone to know it was a joint effort. Yes they both played against me...so technically I think it wasn't really a fair game...
In other news, our amazing tour ended last week with what will forever be my favorite prank night ever. For those who don't know- on the final night of tour, everyone gets to play pranks on each other during the sets. It's really so much fun and when the entire tour ran out for a dance party on Rain Down, (which featured a mexican hat dance, runway walking, choreography, breakdancing, and Beka attempting to do the worm) I was laughing so hard I couldn't sing the whole song.
I also Loved the ministry on this tour. I feel so honored to be apart of what God is doing. Night after night I watched as God began to minister to people during our set. It was amazing to watch! Here we are with our "five loaves and two fish" and we lay it down and watch Him feed hundreds. I was so aware more than ever on this tour that it's not about our greatness or fame, it's all about us making His greatness known. Our job is not to be famous, it's to be obedient. Lives will never be changed when it's about us. That's been such a hard lesson to learn cause that requires a lot of "pruning" and I know it something I'll be learning my entire life. The show in Pennsylvania really taught me a lot about Him. What started off as a normal tour day turned into craziness as 85 mph winds hit suddenly, took out the power, smashed our bus window, and nearly took Beka and Aaron away to Oz. (As Beka's feet lifted from the ground by the sudden wind, she prayed that if she was going to die this way that God would at least allow her to be blown past the bus window so she could wave to us girls. Somehow she thought that we would think that was cool) With no power, no way to do the show, and only emergency lights on in theater- our team knew that we had to advance, even in the face of the storm. We knew that God still had plans. So our amazing crew turned into a MacGyver episode and hooked our bus generator to the stage to get a few lights, and enough power to pull off an acoustic set. We had minutes to write out a new set of songs we thought we could pull off with no practice, and onto stage we went (very nervous, I might add). I had no clue what God was going to do. We hadn't planned or prepared and I love planning. By the end of the night I was amazed as I saw God give us new words to share with the people, words we hadn't even thought about sharing- but HE did. Then I watched as people turned their hearts to Him and after we left the stage many stayed to pray or get prayer. That night that started in chaos and confusion ended in peace and victory. I can't even begin to describe all the other nights that had very similar lessons (maybe one day we'll write a book). All I know is when you are following God, life is never boring:) That is what I keep feeling on my heart- no matter what any of us are facing we need to keep advancing! There's no time to accept defeat. Had our team looked at that situation and said it was too hard, lives would never have been impacted. We would have missed out on the blessing. In the midst of my life right now and facing some pretty crazy storms- I refuse to give up. I refuse to throw in the towel. Because I know on the other side of this is something amazing that I don't want to miss. And in all of this I am understanding more and more His faithfulness.
Well, thats my story and Im sticking to it. Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows. Thanks Guatemala for being so amazing! Even though you all had to wait 4 hours as our team worked tirelessly to get the sound working, and then finally just allowed us to play an acoustic show- you all made a crazy night wonderful! Once again, God was bigger still. Oh by the way, if you ever see our team around working at venues, please tell them how amazing they are. I have never seen people work so hard without complaint. They are the reason us girls can do what we do.
We'll, see you all at festivals this summer!! We will try to get tan first so we don't blind you all with our pasty white skin.