Top 10 Reasons I Love Thanksgiving

My Top 10....

10- The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! Since I was a little girl my sisters and I would wake up early and run downstairs to watch the parade on TV. I never wanted to miss a moment of it! I loved seeing each guest, musical number, and my all time favorite- the big broadway numbers. The funny thing is we still sit there now years later in our PJ's taking it all in, enjoying it just as much as we always have.

9-My grandmas noodle soup- I'll admit, I may be the only person in the world who has never enjoyed the food served on this day. I never liked turkey, ham, or pies and I'm not not a big mashed potato or green bean casserole with those crispy onion things fan. However my grandmas soup?? Now that with her homemade rolls is what I will devour that entire day. My mom's side of the family is Croatian so when I say "home made" I mean when we get to her house 2 days before thanksgiving, she has hand rolled noodles hanging all over the kitchen to dry. I used to sneak them when I thought she wasn't looking. (ok maybe I still do)

8- Football!!! My dad is 1 of 14 kids so the amount of cousins, aunts and uncles always make for such great parties. The best part was after watching the game there would always be a huge football game of our own in the back yard.

7- Becca's Birthday.- Her B-Day is Nov 24 which many times is actually on Thanksgiving, so it's always been a fun challenge to try and make her day special. We are part Sioux Indian and apparently Becca looks just like our great great great Grandma "Ikcha Washte". So to celebrate, instead of giving her a gift, we like to take something away that belongs to her. That way we feel like we can kill 3 birds with one stone- her B-day, our Indian heritage, and of course thanksgiving. We also make her bring us the food cause we are starving.

6- Family time- My mom had 10 kids in her fam and my dad had 14 so we have more cousins and extended family than I even know. Growing up it was normal to have a relative that you hadn't seen in a few years (or ever) walk up to you at a family party and say, "ok so who do you belong to?". So seeing family during the holidays is so nice cause many of them I only see once a year, and many of them I get to meet for the 1st time. It's seriously amazing!

5- Being asked a million times if I'm married yet! Oh wait this is supposed to be a list of things I love…ok scratch that.

4-Let the Christmas movies begin! Yep that's right. Thanksgiving night I normally kick of my month of "must watch" Christmas movies with Miracle on 34th Street (The newer version) My list always includes Elf, The Santa Claus, Muppets Christmas Carol, It's a Wonderful Life, and Little Women (which us girls always save till Christmas eve. Sisters tradition. And we always cry when Beth dies. Well, Lauren and I do, Becca's normally fallen asleep by then, but I'm not bitter..)

3- Black Friday- I love this day! It's the day where the world is silent, unless you are at any store- which I am not. I avoid shopping on that day like my life depended on it, and from what I hear it can be pretty dangerous. I sleep in late and then watch more Christmas movies…and maybe eat more soup.

2-Christmas music- Day after Thanksgiving is finally the day that i can fully crank my Christmas music and not have people look at me weird cause "it's only November" (or October for all you closet Christmas music know who you are) My station of choice? 93.9 Light FM, also they have these moments when Delilah (mmhmmm 1st name basis right here) makes a phone call to one of the listeners and let's them tell there story about how they can't pay their bills or buy their kids presents and then bam! Right then and there she tells them that everything is gonna be ok because the station will be paying their bills, heating their home, buying the presents, or the food. That's when I lose it. It's seriously such a bad idea to listen to that station while driving cause I'm pretty sure I become the worst driver cause I can't even see through my tears.
side note- This Christmas us girls get to do our own little version of this. On Dec 17th we will be putting on the largest Christmas show we've ever done to get the food pantries in our home town filled. We received a call from the Mayors office a few weeks ago that the food banks were empty and would we be willing to help get them filled so our homeless can eat this winter? Ummm, are you kidding me?? Heck yes we will! We will be doing this in Elgin at the Hemmens auditorium if any of you want to come:)

1- Thanksgiving- When we were kids, my mom had a box that she would set out all year. Any time something great happened, one of us would write it down and stick it in the box. We did this all year. On thanksgiving Day my mom would open the box and we would each take turns reading all that God had done for our family that year. It's amazing how many things I had forgotten in just a few short months! But reading it was such a great way to remember how good He really is to us. Growing up, I can remember the many years that our family struggled financially, even a few where my dad didn't have a job and had to take whatever he could find just to take care of us. In those seasons it can be so so easy to focus on the lack, but as we would sit there and read through the miracles of people giving us clothes, or the day my mom prayed to God to provide meat for our dinner cause she couldn't afford it, and that day a big box of meat fell off of a truck right in front of our van (talk about a miracle), or the bills that were miraculously paid, we were once again reminded that God really was taking care of us. It was a beautiful moment as we would then sit there and thank God for all He had done, and somehow it always raised hope in each of us that if He had done it before, He would do it again! We felt safe, growing more and more in the realization that God is good and only has great things for us. We truly have so much to be thankful for.