Falling in Love with Him

My "sis" asked me resently if I believed that God could tell someone at 16 who it is they are going to marry. God can do anything and I know of a couple that happened too, but I knew she was referring to herself. So I got thinking about what to tell her and while I was pondering it and praying about it I was thinking about myself too. And I decided that though God could show either one of us who we are going to marry at any time in our lives, He most likely won't until we are ready for marrage in everyway.
Just a couple days before she and I had this conversation one of my dear friends was praying for me. A group of my friends and I get together on Saturday nights to pray for each other for a few hours so her praying for me wasn't because of anything certain thing in my life, it's just something that we do. Anyway while she was praying she paused for a second and started praying for my future husband, whoever he may be. And one thing that she said really stuck out to me, "Lord, don't being that guy into Sarah's life until she is so in love with You and she truly understands what love is and how much You love her. So that you will always be her first love and her main focus." I got thinking about that and how right she was. I am 18 and have the rest of my life ahead of me (though none of us no how much time we have). I dont need to be focused on boys or dating or getting married (not that I ever have been and if you know me you probably just laughed at the thought). I need to be focusing on my relationship with Christ.
My friends Rachel and Chris got married this past summer and one thing that was pointed out after their wedding was this. They exchanged vows promising to love each other with everything they have for the rest of their lives. Devoting themselves to learning as much as they can about the other. Agreeing to spend as much time together as they possibly can. Why is it as humans we can promise those sort of things to each other, but not to God? Why don't we say things like "Lord I promise that I am going to love YOU and YOU alone with EVERYTHING I have! I am going to learn as much about YOU as I possibly can! I am going to spend EVERY free moment I have with YOU." I want to do that. I am striving towards that. That is my hearts cry.
Jesus gave us everything. Why not give Him our lives? He died for us, why can't we seem to live for Him?
This past summer I promised God that I was going to fully and completely surrender every aspect of my life to Him. And so far it's been a scary but excited adventure. It's been hard but worth it. I have become more aware of sin in my life and that is never fun to deal with, but it is so good. I'm not where I want to be in my walk with the Lord and honestly I will probably never be because I will always be a work in progress, I am never going to be perfect. But I am going to serve Him with everything I've got and I am going to get as close to Him as I can.
I am falling more in love with Him everyday and I am going to continue to fall for the rest of my life.

Lord, "I'm falling for You. Please catch me," I am Your's and Your's alone!