My first blog!

Hey guys! My name is Mariah. This blog will just tell you guys a little about myself.

Okay, where to start?!?!? Ummm... I live in New York.. and no, not the city! It's actually very country where I live.. little bit of a hick town! But, I love it here! I have lived here my entire life, which is 15 years, with my four wonderful sisters, my amazing parents, and though we had to put them down last winter, my dog Jake and my cat Reggie.

Some things I like are-- John Deere, Music, Sports, Skateboarding, Guitar, Fun Hairstyles, Animals, Farming, Family, and other stuff!

Facts about me: I work at a ski resort and a restaurant as a landscaper, I play soccer, volleyball, and basketball, I am the middle of five girls, i have a fowhawk at the present time, I became i Christan at age 7 and re-dedicated my life at a Bible camp at age 12, I am a bit OCD-- like everything has to be neat and organized and i over think everything, I love the Disney channel, I have tlike three personalities-- "punk rock star" "country girl" and "athletic jock"!! anything else you can just ask!!

SOOOO.... yup there is a little bit about me! I'm not feeling very great so I'm gonna take a nap and sleep it off so I'm better for school!!