About myself

Hey guys!
My name is Joannah and I'm currently 14 but am 15 TOMORROW! ( SEPTEMBER 12). I have two AMAZING parents, Dave and Colette and two older brothers, Chris and Andrew and I am the youngest, me and my brothers are miles away in age! LOL! I also happen to have a Border-Collie male dog called Badger! He's gorgeous! I go to Hamilton Christian School in New Zealand and have attended there since 2002. I have the bestest friends in the universe, God, Maddi, Rebekah, Abbey, Ilse, Joanna and Jessica. I come from a Christian family and background and started going to church 9 months before I was born. And I am proud to admit that I come from Wales, United Kingdom, which makes me Welsh! I moved to New Zealand at the ripe old age of 10 months old!
My hobbies are playing guitar, bass, keyboard, singing, hanging out with friends and family, going on the computer and listening to my all-time favourite CHRISTIAN band, BarlowGirl! I love Becca Barlow's testimony because it has helped me to NOT feel ugly like I sometimes feel when I sometimes get called Melon because the guys at school think its funny, although THANKFULLY they're starting to get over it. Well I better go now but that is my life!

Oh and by the way, I became a Christian and 11 years old and got baptized at 13 years old. I will post pics of myself after my party which will be AWESOME!