i finally have something to write a blog about and it's called "Promise"

Well guys,
After I posted on twitter about God's promises and getting discouraged in the waiting process, I read over your comments and I realized a lot of us are struggling with the same thing. Something we can call “ The Process of Promises”  (Thank you Kris Vallotton for that awesome sermon title! )
All I know is it’s longer then what I’d ever thought it could be from promise to fulfillment. I have had my days...okay weeks, of being so burdened and feeling forgotten and just down right sad and constantly asking God the question... ‘What in the world could be taking so long? Have I done something wrong? Have You forgotten me?” 
Somedays I feel like I can’t take another step of faith, and some days I just want to forget about it all. I have even pondered the thought that life was easier before the promise, I should just give up on it and live a “normal” life. But what is normal really, when we follow Christ? 
I have just come through another one of these seasons. I am not out of it yet but I recently decided to get back up again no matter how many times I miss-calculated, miss-judged, or miss-interpreted the promise, each time I staggered back from the blow. But I learned something this week. Better to hope in a promise that remains unfulfilled then to live a life with no promise at all.

That promise was the reason I got up some hard mornings, the reason why I could press through and try things I thought I’d never be capable of. That same promise pushes me to become a better person, to let God cut away those vines that are bearing no fruit, because I can look at the promise and say,
“There is a greater purpose”. 
These last few weeks I almost convinced myself that I had no promise at all, that I must have heard God wrong, or I just made it up somewhere. The mind is a powerful thing, I almost fell to it’s thoughts and came into agreement with ‘’there really isn’t a promise”.
But in our weakness He is strong. Or should I say, when we finally are weak it leaves room for Him to be our strength. 
 This week, there was a turn for the better, by the Grace of God. I met with our pastoral team in regards to our ministry, My pastor turned to me and gave me a prophetic word of that very promise and an encouragement to not give up. The Spirit of God cares so much for us!( If you need such encouragement I would say, find a church or a prayer group that can speak prophetic words over you, your very soul will be encouraged and uplifted. ) 

As of today nothing in my life has changed. No hints of the promise coming to pass, but I have changed. I have decided it is better to hope then to give up. Even if my life turns out like Hebrews 11 and I wait an entire life time for the promise, if I embrace the process it will be worth the wait. 
Today I am one day closer to my promise. Today I will say yes to the Spirit in me who by his kindness removes dead things from me that I may be one day ready for the promise. I will embrace the process, not just the promise.