If I could turn back time...

This blog comes to you from seat 18D on a Delta flight from Denver to Reno.

So I'm sitting here and I'm thinking about the age old question. " If you could go back in time, what would you tell your younger self?"
Well initially, I should have told myself to save all my leggings, legwarmers and flannel shirts and not give them to good will. (Who would have ever thought they'd be back in style! ) But I guess, when you go back in time and tell yourself something - it should always be quite serious and life changing.

But besides that,
I think I have two reoccurring things I would have loved to tell myself. One being- "You'll be alright". My teenage years were filled with such emotional drama. I feel bad for each person that has to live through those crazy years.
Most of those problems we bring to ourselves because instead of it being a season of self discovery (which is what it is) it turned into discovering what everyone else was and how I was going to be like them. I wish I would have known- we are all different- and if you're trying to be like someone else you are suffocating the amazing thing God created each of us to be and that thing is to be Different. We are called to be unique.

The second thing I would have loved to tell myself is- you don't have to work so hard- God's taking care of it.
I heard a Joyce Meyer teaching at that time in my life, about how you can't sit in a chair you are already sitting in. Very basic concept and yet to be honest, my mind just couldn't grasp it. I truly felt I wasn't sitting in "the chair"- and I had to get there and I was going to do everything in my power to exhaust myself until I was sitting in that chair. So now years later I see how I have been striving to be what I already was and in a sense, trying to sit in a chair I was already sitting in, because I didn't know who I was, who God created me to be.
When you sit in a chair you are actually meant to relax, take in the moment and just be.

So for my final thoughts before I have to turn off my phone to get ready for landing is... Both of these themes are one in the same, just be who you are meant to be and get comfortable with who you are. And when you do... Life only gets better from here. 


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