The Spirit of Adoption

Th Spirit Of Adoption
Romans 8:15 For you Have not received a spirit of slavery leading to fear again but you have received a spirit of adoption as sons by which we cry out Abba Father

So I have been thinking about Adoption lately. I think all my life I have thought of adoption as one thing, I thought it was taking a child from being an orphan to being loved. But as I began to open my thinking about adoption I began to see that we are all in need of adoption. Romans 8:15 is a little glimpse into that. But the other piece that I kept feeling is adoption can be applied to more then just children but to businesses, bands, churches and whole Cities!

As I began my search of desiring this Spirit of Adoption I felt like he turned my heart to my city. And why not? I live there I should be praying for it.
Then I began to picture different business that I often frequent. In the economy we are in every business is in need of prayer! I started adopting those business to pray for.

The other Adoption that I feeling strongly about is we, as bands, need adoption. We need a gathering of people that will commit to pray for us, all of us... As bands we need your prayers.
As for Barlow Girl you just see three of us on stage but there is an amazing group of over 20 prayer warriors that keep us uplifted in prayer, daily. They encourage us when we need encouraged and honestly just knowing that people are praying for us keep us uplifted and pressing through on days that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to make it through.

So my challenge to you is Barlow Girl wants you to adopt us through prayer. For these next two months I would love you to join with us and be a part of our team and pray specifically for 5 things.
(Disclaimer...We don’t do things out of a “works” or “must do mentality” but it’s all about giving because we have been given to first..For as we receive the Fathers Love we in turn Then Give the Fathers Love to others, That’s the Spirit of Adoption. So for some of us we must first Receive that Love, take the time to receive it. Then you will feel like the giving is an overflow not a “have to”.)
So if you have received the Fathers Love and in-turn desire to Give the Fathers Love then please Pray these 5 things for us;

1 Pray for Gods Glory and Presence to be at each place we play. That He would heal hearts and people would realize what it means to receive the Fathers Love.
The whole theme of this tour is “ Because He Loves”

Pray for Operation Christmas Child, For the many children who otherwise would not have an opportunity to receive the gift of salvation,that they would, through a shoe box gift. And pray that many people are able to pack a shoe box.

Pray for Protection over all our tour. Over the Barlow Team; Vincent, Maryann, Rebecca, Alyssa, Lauren, Beka, Ralph and Dayne. Over Reilley; John, Dan, and Noele our opening band and string players for our set. Over the bus we rented and extra Angels and protection over our Bus driver Mark Chadwell.

Pray for Grace over the families that will be remaining at home as we all are on the road. That the families at home will be saturated by grace and that the time would seem short as we are away. Pray for us on the road as well that time would seem short and for Great Grace over every day!

Pray for Unity for this tour that there would be great friendships made and there would be no room for division and nothing to hinder what God wants to do for this tour.

Thank you for adopting us for these next 2 months as we are on tour.
Please post here if God gives you any words or He gives you any insight to any of these prayers.
I will make sure to read all of your responses.