Valentines Day

Happy Valentines day from all of us.
We are on the road right now and we celebrate today with a day off in Southern Cali and a fun bike ride with the 3 of us, close friends and a cousin. To most people a bike ride is something leisurely to do, but for us 40 miles was our goal this Valentines.
The thing I love most about Valentines day is we took on a challenge many years ago, instead of us spending the day depressed (let's be honest) we decided to make the day very special for those we knew that were single. Instead of us sulking we took the opportunity to encourage others. By celebrating with them or sending flowers, cards and cookies to brighten their day. We started that tradition when I was in High School and we have kept it ever since.
So if your feeling down at all this Valentines day remember that you being a blessing to someone else will make your Valentines the best One ever.

And if anyone gives you a hard time, you can say the BarlowGirls are your Valentines this year.