God's True Plan

Why is there so much hatred in todays world?
Can anyone answer me this?
People killing their brothers
And then turning around and denying it
Why do people lose loved ones to horrible disease and wars?
Children getting kidnapped just because someone decided to
Why are there so many hungry children?
Is there really not enough food to go around
And can nobody show enough courage to get up and do something about it
Why do we have wars? Do we really hate each other that much, that we would kill.
Why are there so many broken homes?
Does marriage really not mean anything? When you said I do, it meant forever right?
Why are teenagers getting pregnant left and right? Do they really not know the meaning of True Love?
Why is todays world so awful?

I do know the answers to most of these questions... I'm not naive. I know why.. There is a lot sin in this world... and others are just part of God's perfect plan. I wonder why still.. Sometimes I just want to stop. I just want to think and wonder. For the sin of this world has corrupted each one of us somehow. But there is something more than this world. There is only one source of True Life. And then I am reminded again. That thing is only found in God and he has a better plan for all of us :) God's Love is above all things! His Love is never ending, everlasting, and can endure all odds. <3