dear sissy.

My heart is broken for you. Remember? You always wanted a little sister or brother. And one day you got both. You have a little sister and a little brother. Even if only half.

And I can only hope you're still alive and well. I can only hope.. Because I really don't know how you're doing. Because now you're living like an only child again that you had been for so long. But it's only half.

Because we all three have those memories growing up as siblings. I'm sure of it. How could we forget? We looked up to you then you know, Sissy.

And we're still alive and well--you're half little sister and little brother.

For now though, my only two allies in this world are my brothers...our brothers. Our little brother. And our Heavenly Brother.

I admit I need to be nicer to my/our little brother. And the past few days, I'm really trying to be. And the reason why is because I really wanna be more like my/our Heavenly Brother. I look up to Him these days. He's our adopted Brother, by the way--our as in yours even.

I don't know if you ever will read this blog. But just so you know, if you ever do get to live like our big sister again--even if you are half--I would love to be your allie in this world made up of so many enemies.

And the reason why I mention those words "half" and "adopted" and "sister" and "Brother" is because the blood of our Heavenly Brother, spilled by love, can make us whole siblings.
And not just siblings born into this world. But siblings born into eternity.

Love ya, Sissy.

Were hearts made whole just to break??
Only You take brokenness. And create it into beauty once again.
((Porcelain Heart by BarlowGirl))