you will even remember my name?

Many times in the last few weeks I have begun to write you a letter.

Sometimes I think it'll be a passive letter either as a blog here on my barlowgirl (like this) or as a note over on facebook.
Sometimes I think it'll be a direct letter and that I will really send it to you either in the snail mail or from one of my to one of your email addresses.

The letter seems to begin great, but I quickly run out of words to say. You know the feeling? You have so much to say yet you come up completely at a loss for words? I end up setting the letter aside and so it is never finished, let alone sent to you.

I really wanna sum it all up in these simple words though, and, because I can, I will:

And I guess that I just miss you still.

And it feels as though you never will.

(Miss me back.)

Can you promise me (can you) in a few years (promise) you will even remember my name?
((Image of God by BarlowGirl))