The King VS Evil

This story begins in a large, beautiful forest that has humongous trees as far as the eye can see and beautiful mountains that were bigger than any mountain I have seen. This forest has crystal clear ponds and rivers that when you looked into these waters you could see your reflection. A lot of animals live in this forest and they could talk to each other as I'm talking to you right now. They had voices of their own and they all shared the forest there was no quarreling amongst them. But if there were they knew the king of the forest would banish them.

The King of the Forest was no animal nor was he human; the King was dressed in a fine robe with eyes that were as blue as the sky. When the King spoke everyone listened intently. His voice was like the sound of the ocean waves roaring splashing against rocks. This king had a kind and gentle heart for all of the animals and he has a heart for those who asked if they can come and live in the forest with him and the animals.

One day the king was making his rounds checking on everything in the forest making sure that everything was in order when all of a sudden he felt a deep dark presence in the forest and he knew that someone who was not allowed in the forest slipped in unnoticed. So he called all of the animals together and said, ” someone or something has slipped into this wonderful world that does not belong.” The animals looked frightened and asked ” who has entered this domain that you have built for us O’ King?” Then everything became quiet. Then all of a sudden a loud screeching voice cried out, “it is I who has come o’ King! My soldiers and I have come to take over this beautiful forest and make it our own!”

When this creature appeared its appearance was so ugly in form. It had huge clause on one hand and small clause on the other. It stood about 15 feet high. This creature had a face so deformed that I cannot describe it in this story. His back had scales with worms running up and down it. This creature had a stench so foul that if you took one sniff of it you would die. The creature had his followers with him and they were not as terrifying as him but they were scary and just as deformed as he was.

When the King looked up at this creature he looked back at all of the animals and said I will return soon after I defeat this creature and his followers. All of the animals were terrified and asked can we go with you sire you may need us to help you. The king said No I will do this alone. Stay here and wait for me. After the king spoke these words he teleported himself along with the creature and his soldiers to a planet far away from the one he created. As soon as they landed on the planet the creature and his soldiers began to laugh and mock the King. The creature cried out, “You! Defeat all of us! As you see there's millions no billions of us, and only one of you! Ha ha there is no way you can beat us because we are too great in number; we are going to see you and take that forest.”

The king answered the creature, yes there are so many of you and only one of me. As you see I have no soldiers I have no armor I have no sword because I only need one thing to defeat you. The creatures began to laugh again but the King just tuned it out and stood his ground. The creatures began to spit fire out of their mouths at him and the whole planet that they were on was consumed by fire that was hotter than any fire you and I could ever imagine! Then all of a sudden the team walked straight through the fire and the creatures were astonished and perplexed. So they began to spit fire hotter than one previous still the king continued to walk through the flames like they were nothing. Then the King said die! As soon as he said die the creatures fell on their faces dead.

The King had won the war by using one word and now the world and galaxy that he created was at peace once and for all! The team had returned home and told the animals that it was finished! The King and the animals lived happily ever after. The King had won the war and locked the entrance to his world so that no evil would ever enter it again. When all of this was over the animals and their king ate, drank, danced and sang because the victory had been won.