Meet Him in Prayer

I am one who forgets to take time for God, but I was blessed to be able to see one of my favorite people of all time in Philadelphia several weeks ago. Danielle Rose is her name and she is a music missionary and probably the one person who is not related to me that has influenced my spiritual life the most. She is an amazing singer, but more importantly she is an example of a person who has answered the Lord's call. Check out her music it will change your life.

I have been practicing silent prayer, which my friend introduced me to. This is a new way of praying for me, yet I have found that it is incredibly fruitful if you work at it. I sometimes find it hard to concentrate on just being in the presence of God and listening to the Spirit with my heart. I mean let's be honest, I can't find time to blog, I have tons of homework to do, I'm not even sure my mind knows how to go any other speed than warp speed lately, so I need something to focus me in my prayer. I alternate between two of Danielle's songs the first is called "In the Silence of the Heart." I simply meditate on the lyric In the silence of the heart You speak. I love this line and it's kind of appropriate for silent prayer in that beat you over the head kind of way.

My second lyric that I use is a reminder that prayer fosters a relationship. It is another Danielle lyric from a song called "Pursue Me:" Pursue me Lord, I'll let You lead. This line is so great because it reminds me that this is not me reaching out to God in prayer, but rather it is a meeting because he is reaching out to me, just waiting for me to respond. This blows my mind. The All-Mighty God, the Creator of the world, the God who loves me so much he sent his son (whom we are all anxiously awaiting in the this Advent season) that he would be waiting to meet me, a sinner, is crazy. Yet as the lyric expresses he pursues us. He loves us. In prayer, in our meeting him, we let him lead. We live our lives for him. Transformation takes place. This is a beautiful thing. We must let it happen, we have to take the time to meet God in prayer.

I'm going to leave you with the full lyrics to "Pursue Me" because they are so great, but also so you might use them in your prayers, in your meeting with God. Be Well.

Pursue Me

Was that you, Lord, calling to me?
A voiceless word within me speaks
And you declare what you desire
To have my heart with you forever

I'm so afraid to die, O God,
To lose my life, to choose the cross
But when I fall in love with you
Then I will rise to life anew

Pursue me, Lord
Pursue me, Lord
Pursue me, Lord
I'll let you lead

Then you stretched your loving arms
Across the world into my heart
Why do I run from the love
You love to give the love I seek

I did not choose you have chosen me
To go bear fruit abundantly
I did not choose you have chosen me, O God
In your mercy

All copyrights belong to Danielle Rose