Blog From Lauren

Well, hello, hello... It’s been a long time since I've written one of these bad boys. And I'm hoping to make it more of a regular thing. Cause let’s just admit it.—Who doesn't want to read what's going on in my little head? You know you love it!

So right now I’m loving the tour we are on. We're out with Superchick and Vota.  One of the many cool things about Superchick is we've actually known them for about 10 years. Before either of our bands got signed we met at a show and us girls decided to stalk them every day till they wrote a really cool song about us. Well, our plan totally worked (which is awesome) and for some reason they stayed friends with us. Even more awesome is that they said yes to touring with us. It's so fun being out on tour with friends. But it's a little weird to think that they knew me when I was 14. It’s also very possible that I may have had a perm back then. Oh how I shudder at the thought of it...Ugh... Another cool thing is Melissa and Tricia bring their puppies out on the road too so there are 4 dogs out on the tour. It’s like we are a traveling pound. I love it. But I have this feeling that my sisters are feeling a little left out since they don't have any pets out on the road. I'm tempted to buy Lyssa a lizard and Becca maybe a ferret or something. I think they would love it actually. I would also like to see them walking their respected animals on tour. Just sayin.  AND we are loving getting to know the guys from Vota as well. They are amazing guys, their music is great and they are really stinking funny… I like em lots and lots!

So other than being on tour, I hope you all know that our album Love & War recently came out. I've never been so proud of an album before. I feel like more than ever us girls really put our heart and soul into those songs and I love it. So yes, there is my shameless plug for my album. So if you feel so inspired to go on iTunes and buy it, I thank you. And while you are there you should mosey on over to Matthew Mayfield's song page and buy his newer EP. Five Chances Remain Hers. But only buy it if you like listening to amazing music but if your taste in music is lousy then I would suggest not getting...

Well, my goal tonight was to get to bed early so I could wake up early. But writing a blog and texting friends at the same time guarantees a blog to take 10 times longer than it ever should. Also, my kitty will randomly wake up from sleeping on my shoulder, go sit on my keyboard and bat at my hands so I pay attention to him. Wow… I can't believe I just admitted to having a kitten. I've NEVER been a cat person but this little guy needed love so I caved. Also, I'm getting older and I'm still single so I figured it would be a good time to start collecting cats. Cause inevitably I will turn into the cat lady.

OK kids, thanks for reading! One day I'll read your bands blog... Promise.

The Cat Lady