Cause you are the wind beneath my wings

Well, I'm sitting on a plane right now and this plane totally has WIFI! I find that amazing. I'm iChatting people on a plane! And the signal kicks butt. It's almost better than it is at my house. Maybe I'm just easily amused but that really amazes and excites me, and even makes me tear up a bit! Oh technology, you are too kind! I would like to take this moment to thank Al Gore for inventing the internet. What… A… Guy.

The plane I am on is headed north towards Polaris… and Chicago. I’m pretty excited to go home since we have haven't been home in about a month. However, our tour was fantastic and I'm sad it’s over. You couldn't have asked for a better bunch of people. Then after the tour us girls took a little vacation to the beach for a week. It was incredible. All we did was sleep, eat ALOT, layout on the beach and watch movies. We did that every day and I loved every second of it. Now you folks, if you see me around the next few days you probably won't recognize me because I'm the darkest shade of pale that I've ever been. It’s glorious. But anyways like I said, I'm excited go home to see my Penny Lane and Dodge, not to mention to sleep in my own bed!

Also the holidays are coming up and I'm excited to start getting ready for that. We are going to my Grandma's for Thanksgiving this year. I love getting to spend time with the fam— definitely the best part. And then of course we started decorating the house for Christmas! Yes, we start decorating before Thanksgiving. I don't care what you say, it's never too early to decorate for Christmas. July is pushing it a little but after that it's fine, really.

I think the most exciting thing happening in the near future is my lovely sister Becca’s 30th birthday on the 24th! I know… a lot of you just stopped breathing from shock cause most of you think us girls are 17-year-old triplets. FALSE! Becca is turning 30. I am not, neither is Lyssa. Therefore we are not triplets.
Glad we cleared that up! You can start breathing again. Now if any of you feel inspired to get her a gift she likes dark chocolate, coffee, Vespas, and Mustangs (Horse or car... both will do.) I will not be getting her any of those things but you are more than welcome to!

Ok, ok, they are telling me to turn the ol' CPU off so I better go before they say something to me over the loud speaker. It's never fun being shamed in front of an entire plane full of people. Not that it happens a lot, just trying to avoid it.
Got to go! Bye!