Christmas time is here..

I can't believe Christmas is almost here! Gonna hate when it's over cause then I'm not gonna have any excuse to sit by the fire, drink coffee, eat more sugar then any human ever should in one sitting and watch sappy Christmas movies that make me cry my eyes out when I watch them.. I mean, I can still do that whenever I want but sometimes I can justify my laziness and my increased sugar intake cause well, its "Christmas time". But it's not over yet! I'm just a Debbie Downer over here talking about when it's gonna be over! NOT cool! I'm so proud of myself, all my gifts are bought and wrapped. I'm really not into the whole " panic two days before Christmas" shopping thing. I try to avoid the mall as much as possible during the Christmas season. I live for online shopping and Super Target. Doesn't get much better than that..

So, we just watched Its a Wonderful life and seriously, that movie gets me EVERY time. Hands down, its my favorite. Well, White Christmas is up there too because of the musical numbers that Lyssa and I would re-in act relentlessly when we were children but It's a Wonderful Life is tops for me. I think maybe because 1. Jimmy Stewart is one of my favorite actors of all time and 2. not only is it simply an adorable movie but it so deeply challenges me more and more each time I see it. A quote stuck out to me when I watched it this week. Its when George Bailey is seeing the world around him with out him living in it and his guardian angel says to him, "Strange, isn't it? Each man's life touches so many other lives. When he isn't around he leaves an awful hole, doesn't he?" I know its easy to think that its just a silly line from a movie but to me, it holds so much truth. We have been given an incredible gift to impact the world around us. To bless the people that God brings into our life and its our choice whether or not we take advantage of that beautiful gift. I think so often we let moments and opportunities pass us by. And I've decided I don't want to let things pass me by anymore. I want to take advantage of every single moment. To reach out and be there for somebody else in any way I can. In a big or small way, I want to impact the world around me. Impact the people around me. I want to capture and live every moment to its fullest. Life is to short to just keep putting things off until the "next time". Live now. Embrace every moment.. I want to be open so God can use me in any way that He sees fit and I won't be scared to do it! That's why all of us are here though isn't it? To impact the world around us. To be the change we wish to see. The world around us should feel when we aren't there fulfilling our destiny..
This isn't some silly little pep talk or my New Years resolution.. Its what I believe we are all called to be. We are called to love the world around us in such an incredible intense way that this world will never be the same because we lived. Because we choose to see outside of ourselves and love others in a world that tells us, life is all about US and what WE want.. I'm done with selfishness, done with life being all about me. Lets live our life outside the limits we place on ourselves and be something beautiful to the world around us.. Cause that's what we are supposed to be.

Well, I hope you have a beautiful Christmas! Or had a wonderful Hanukkah!!! Or Chrismukkah! Man, eight days of presents. Not gonna lie, I'm kinda jealous..

Oh, I highly suggest you go watch Its a Wonderful Life. Maybe you will get just as much out of it as I did.