Daylight Savings Time...Lame

Can I just say that daylight savings time is one of the lamest things ever invented? I've decided to stick it to the man and not set my clock ahead an hour. I may be an hour late for everything until the fall but who cares?! Cause every time I'm late I can at least say, "I may be late but I stuck it to the man!" I guess we will see how long that lasts. The real problem is, I hate losing an hour of sleep.. I'll just sleep later. Bam, problem solved.

So, have I told you that I am in LOVE with this tour? Pretty much the most fun I've had on a tour in a really long time. LOVE the Stellar Kart and Vota guys sooo much. I don't think you will find more amazing guys in this industry then them. They are all top notch guys, crew guys included 100%. I love it cause it's like we are one big crazy family. We've been out for almost a month now. The shows have been incredible. It's been awesome to share a stage with such amazing bands, but what stands out most to me about this tour is that it’s been so amazing to watch God show up every single night on this tour in new ways. We have prayer every night for people – for them to come up and get prayer from our prayer team for whatever it is they are going through. Doesn't matter, sky is the limit. And every single night, God shows up and touches peoples’ hearts in incredible ways. People are still in the venue getting prayer long after we get off stage. I'm realizing now more then ever that this is why I do what I do. We don't play music and tour around just to put on a rock show and make people jump around for an hour or so and then go on our way. Maybe people were impacted, maybe not. No, we want people to meet God at our shows. We want people to fall in love with Him like never before. I love it when people come up to us after the show with tears running down their cheeks saying "I thought I was coming to a rock show but that wasn't a show, it was a moment with God." THAT makes everything we do worth it. Now, I hope you don't think I'm being wonderfully prideful by saying these things. These are just the facts. God says, "Seek me and you shall find Me." So, we seek his face every night in hopes that He will show up. Because isn't that what life is all about? Falling in love with God? Being with him and seeking his face? Every show day I wake up in anticipation just asking God how He is gonna show up. And I see a miracle every day. Something so obviously HIM, there is no other way to describe it. My heart feels so full. I'm on stage every night and see that THIS is why I'm alive. To help show people the love of my beautiful Father. There truly is nothing greater. So, if the tour comes close to you, maybe you should come out…cause God is showing up, so who knows what He has for you. And if THAT doesn't get you there, Stellar Kart totally covers a Taylor Swift song…so you should come hear that. It’s always my favorite moment :)

Well, I'm on a plane going home now. We haven't been home for a month, so I am so excited to have a few days in my own bed. And I miss my little kitty, so I can't wait to see him. Granted, he's not little anymore. He's actually a total fat-so, but I still love the little beast. Cat ladies such as myself always love their cats no matter how fat they get, right?

One more thing, powdered creamer for coffee is the worst thing EVER. Who even invented it? Probably the same guy who invented daylight savings time... Seriously, no one should put powdered creamer in their coffee, cause it tastes like a whole bunch of nasty. I’m a little passionate about the creamer cause they gave it to me on the airplane in my coffee. I'm also only going on about 2 hours of sleep. So forgive me.