The early bird might get the worm but I get more sleep.

I'm always confused at why I write blogs so late at night. It's like, "oh its midnight, maybe I should try to be responsible and follow the Bible where is says "go to bed early cause the early bird gets the worm*." So I think, "Oh! I'll go to bed early and then wake up so I can get some worms" but then my body is like "NO WAY! Time to stay up for a few more hours! Brain! Work and write a blog! No worms for you!!!" And I do it.. Every time.. Oh well, I'm young. Might as well be crazy and stay up late. Yeah, cause staying up late is pretty crazy in this household.
So, wanna hear something just plain horrible? I'm gonna tell you, cause I just need to share this awfulness with other people. I can't keep it to myself. The pain must be shared. So, I went outside of my house the other day cause I heard Dodge (my cat) and I wanted to kiss his little face so I go to call him and I look to the side of the porch and I see a baby bunny hanging out by 'ol Dodger. I thought that was pretty weird so I yelled at him to not even think about touching that bunny and I ran over and I freaked cause I saw that the poor bunny had absolutely no fur or skin on his back anymore. His back was just muscle but the little guy was still alive. So I proceeded to scream at my cat about how no cat of mine tries to kill a bunny, then Lyssa got a towel for me to pick up the bunny and we ran him to a vet cause for us girls, we will do any and everything for an animal to be saved. Well, the optimist in me got crushed that day when Dr Adam told me that there was no hope for the little guy and he needed to be put to sleep cause he was just suffering so much. So, I proceed to cry in front of the vet and told him to do what he needed to do, I kissed 'ol bunny and then went out, then I cried in front of the receptionist who told me and Lyssa she was really sorry about the bunny and then she told us to go get some ice cream which made me realize that she thought Lyssa and I were about 15 years old. But that's nothing new. So, that day was a really horrible awful terrible no good day. Dodge and my relationship has been on the rocks since then. He knows I'm mad at him but I'm trying to still love that dang cat. You would THINK he would understand my love for animals cause I rescued him! AND I'm a vegetarian. But noooooo. I think Penny Lane is secretly enjoying all this cause she's the star animal in my eyes right now. So that's my terrible story. There you go. Now you know that I'd do anything for a little animal. We've always done that in our house. Somehow every injured animal in the neighborhood always ends up in our yard. Which is why growing up we had squirrels, ducks, raccoons, birds, bunnies and some random pit bulls we saved from getting hit by a car as pets in our house. I always loved it. I loved it until Lyssa contracted rabies from the rabid raccoon we had. She's never been the same. So sad.
Ok, now that I've depressed ALL of you lets think of positive things. Uhhhhh, they may have capped the oil spill! That's good news! McDonald's has great ice cream cones!! That's even better news!! OH! We totally have a new project coming out! We haven't talked about this now have we? So, here's what it is. Us girls have been signed for 7 years, in that 7 years we made 5 records. So we wanted to put together a CD with us girls favorite songs from each record and put it on one CD with our stories behind all of them, also there is a TON of video content, a TON of pictures of the whole journey and awesome fan stories. It's kinda celebrating our past 7 years of being signed and everything that happened in those years. The amazing fans we met, the places we went, the horrible fashion choices and hairdos, and the songs we wrote and all we experienced is all talked about on there. I'm super amped about it. We put a lot of work into this project so I hope you guys love it. Now know that there will NOT be new songs on this guy. Just FYI. But I know you guys will still love it!!
Ok, I'm starting to get a little sleepy. Well, not really but I need to be. I just ran about 4 miles so I'm still having a runners high from that. Is it bad to run this late at night? Whatevs.
Also, just so you know I totally read the comments you guys make on these here blogs so thanks for all your wonderful comments.. You guys are just the greatest

Bye pals, until next time when I decide to stay up late and not get the worms...

*I know that isn't a verse in the Bible. I do read the Bible. It's a joke. Remember, I do read the Bible.