I really need to start writing blogs earlier in the day...

Sup friends..
We are in the lovely state of Florida right now finishing up the tour. So sad it's coming to an end. I have loved this tour so much. Man its been fun. Like I said before there are just so many awesome people on this tour. Gonna be sad that it's over. You know one person who I should dedicate our tour too and this blog too is our amazing bus driver Mark. That guy knows how to drive a bus. I swear, I have never slept better in my entire life. And you should know that I really like my sleep. So thanks to him, us girls get alot of beauty rest so we can be oh so happy during shows and meet and greets. And we also have our sanity. Which is a wonderful thing. You should thank him. Perhaps send him a christmas card. I don't know..Just think about it..
Speaking of sleep, my sleeping schedule is so off its not even funny. I mean on tour I'm usually up late but this is getting bad. I'm staying up till 4 am or later most nights. NOT COOL. It's possible I'm turning into a vampire or a werewolf.. I guess I'll find out tomorrow if I'm either of those since it's friday the 13th.. I'm sure I'll be inspired to bay at the moon or perhaps if I grow fangs that would be a dead give away. Whatever happens, I'll totally keep you informed.. (and no, I don't watch twilight just incase you're wondering with all the vampire talk..)

Hey lets talk about some favorites in my life right now ok?

Favorite iPhone app- ShakeIt Photo.. I am OBSESSED.
Favorite CD- Well, all four of Jon Foreman's EP's have been on repeat the past few days. They are goooodddd
Favorite song- The Only Exception by Paramore. It's quite possibly the coolest song ever. Just sayin.
Favorite book- Soul Survivor by Philip Yancey. It's amazing and I highly recommend you buy it... you.. yes you.. go buy it..
Favorite coffee- Venti Americano with cinnamon dolce flavoring and creme. Life changing I tell you.
Favorite food- rice. any kind of rice. yums in the tums
favorite sister- its a tie
favorite dog- penny lane
Favorite amphibian- yuck, who likes amphibians anyways?
Favorite super hero- wolverine. the claws? I mean, come ON!
favorite Barlowgirl- duh. the blonde is by far the coolest.

Well on THAT note. It's late, I'm sleepy and before I say anything else really lame I'm just gonna go.. I know.. You're welcome.. You all should be in bed too. You probably have school in the morning. I hope you did your homework.

Till I write again

Lauren Ashley Nicole Barlow