The longest blog in the world...

I think the Spring is pretty much my favorite time of year... One of my favorite things is the rain and thunderstorms. We had a huge storm last night that knocked the power out while all our family was over for Easter. I kinda loved it. I pretty much own stock in candles so we put candles all around the house and it was just beautiful. Pretty sure if Y2K would have ever actually happened, we so would have owned it....Well, for a few hours at least cause it got annoying that we couldn't Netflix a movie...or go on the internet... or open the fridge...

So, we are on a lovely break right now. It's been incredible and I feel so rejuvenated. I just love being home so much. Mainly cause I've been able to catch up on my reading time and that makes me so very happy. I love when I can sit in our sun room, turn on classical music and just read for hours. That is my favorite thing. We have two more days off then we go back to the tour and we are on the road for a good amount of time so I'm soaking up all the time at home now. There is something we are doing next month that I am super excited about. We are doing a one day event with Alex and Brett Harris, called the Come Alive Experience. I'm not sure if you guys are familiar with who Alex and Brett are so I'm gonna tell you why we wanted to team up with them.
One of the things we love about them is they are so passionate about this generation to tell them they don't have to listen to the expectations this world puts on them and they can be who they are called to be. Alex and Brett have written some incredible books that us girls have read and fully endorse. Even we have been challenged by the things they have written. They have an amazing blog at that I encourage you to check out. I think us girls hope for this event is we want our generation to get passionate about their lives, about what they are called to do and to be. I mean, do we even really know why we are here on this earth? I feel we spend so much of our lives searching and letting this world slowly steal our years yet do we ever stop and think to ask God what he created us to be. We live in a world that really doesn't expect much from us and I'm sick of it. I'm sick of us letting the world be a cheap substitute for all God wants to be to us in our lives. So that's what the Come Alive Experience is all about. To get us fired up about what we are called to be to this world. Cause this world needs what we have to offer and is waiting for us to start fulfilling the calling that we all have on our lives. So if you can, I encourage you to come out. Its gonna be in Hoffman Estates, IL. Its only $40 a ticket for the whole day. Alex and Brett are gonna do teaching sessions and us girls are gonna do a session with Q&A time for you to just ask us questions. And then of course at the end of the night we will be doing a huge rock show which is always fun. :) And the cool thing is with Alex and Brett they have a "pay what you can" policy. So if you can't afford the whole $40 thing (cause I know times are hard now) go to there site and contact them about it and I know they can work something out.

I just wanted to share my heart with that and let you guys know what we are gonna be up to. Cause I'm pretty much super excited about it!

Hope you all are wonderful and had an incredible Easter! Oh oh OH! Speaking of Easter, my parents totally bought us girls a bunny for Easter. Its the cutest little thing. We still haven't named him/her yet so if you have any ideas throw them our way. I want to it be Darcy after Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. Or I thought Lauren Jr would be nice. Lauren is a boys name too so since we aren't to sure whether the little sucker is a boy or girl Lauren totally would work. And it would be named after me.. I really don't get why the girls aren't going for it. Jealous maybe? That I'm the only one in the family with a boy/girl name? Yeah, pretty sure that's it. Poor girls with their little girly names. Well, here's hoping that this bunny doesn't attack my face like our LAST bunny did. But thats another story for another blog. (But if you think thats a fabricated lie, just go look at one of our pictures and look at my bottom lip. I have a nice scar from our last bunny. Real cool.)

Later people. Hope a rabbit doesn't attack your face too.

Lauren (and Dodge sat with me the whole time so he should get credit too)