Lookin out fo killas

I absolutely cannot believe that its September 1st... Mainly for two reasons.
Reason 1! I haven't written a blog in a month. Thats like a sin. You have my apologizes. Life has been pretty busy lately. Lets see what have I done since the end of July? Well, had a bunch of shows.. Duh. Oh! We went to Belize!! Now that was an incredible trip. We went over there with a group called Operation Christmas Child. If you don't know who they are go check them out and get involved.. They are an incredible ministry that we are blessed to work with. I must say, being with all those children in Belize, giving them gifts and loving them and kissing their little faces was the best thing in the world. I decided after that trip that I need to become a Goodwill Ambassador. How can that happen? Do I campaign? Run for office? My slogan will be "Yes We Can!!!" I don't think that's been used before. Good its settled then. In all honesty. I would actually love for that to happen. And yes, I know I don't have to campaign. I know I'm a blonde but pals, its just jokes! So other than shows, Belize was the highlight of my YEAR. Hands down! ok ok.. Now for reason number 2!! (remember, at the beginning of this sucka I said "2 reasons". work with me here) Now I don't tell many people this cause usually when I say it people look at me like what I just said was straight up blasphemy. Friends.. I. Do. Not. Like. The. Fall.. There, I said it.. For some reason, it creeps me out. I don't know why but for some reason, all Fall is to me is those damp cold nights that just feels like a creepster is around the corner waiting to pounce and then most likely kill me!!! Yeah! That's how fall makes me feel. Is that weird to you? Well, I think you're weird.... Now, I must admit, I hate that I hate the fall. I'd say 90% of the time I'm an optimist and the other 10% of the time I just haven't gotten my coffee yet. So, here and now I'm going to be the optimist that I am and simply list the things that I am excited about for Fall to come.
1. I am excited that maybe I won't get killed by a killer this fall.
2. I'm excited to wear jeans and hoodies all the time. I miss wearing them in the summer.
3. I'm excited to wear sweat pants.. Oh wait. Nope, I hate sweat pants.
4. I'm excited for Penny Lane to wear her cute hoodies again
5. I'm excited to wear boots. I have a lot of boots and I think they miss being worn too. I know because I hear them crying every night from inside my closet. Fo real.
6. I'm excited for the sugar loaded caramel apple spice drink at sbucks that I shouldn't drink but I do cause I wanna
7. I'm excited that fall rhymes with mall
8. Fall also rhymes with ball and ball means football.
9. It also rhymes with tall. Which is something I most definitely am NOT.
10. I'm sick of rhyming. And its cool that the only nice thing about the fall that I can think of is mine and my dogs wardrobe.
OH! two more things. I love the night sky and the color of the trees in the fall. Nature is beautiful this time of year.
So Fall. You aren't gonna be that bad! I'll just load up on mace and carry it with me everywhere I go! Look out killa's! You ain't gonna get me!

Well, muh Grams is in town. So, we are Watching Sarah Plain and Tall which is a totally adorable movie..

Your friendly mace carryin blondie