My first blog as a 25 year old. You have no idea what kind of pressure that is.

Well, its not that late and I can't sleep so I thought writing it up would be a pretty good idea. We just flew to Colorado and all the girls are asleep cause they are sooooo old. But I'm the young whipper snapper of the group so I'm still wide awake. (make sure I never say "whipper snapper" ever again ok?) I also just went on a run right when we got here so I'm not all that sleepy yet. BUT just give it a second cause any minute I'll doze off and start drooling like my sisters do cause I'm actually officially old, just like them. Guys, I turned 25 yesterday. I 'm kinda freaking out, yet in a state of shock. And I know most of you are shocked cause you just realized that the youngest person in a group of girls that all look under the age of 18 is in-fact 25 years old. Yes, we look really young for our age. Everyone in my parents families look really young and we also buy stock in Botox. So that really helps.... (FYI the Botox was a Joke so CALM DOWN:) ) Not gonna lie, 25 hit me pretty hard. Reasons being. 1. I'm half way to 50. 2. I'm closer to 30 than I am to 20. 3. people have been saying that I am now "quarter of a century" Why would you tell me that?!?!? 4. I'm pretty sure I am starting to get gray hair and 5. Del Webb called and they wanted to know if I wanted to move in... Pretty rough if you ask me. But as "scared" as I am of 25 I'm so excited to see what it holds for me. I mean, 24 was amazing. I did so much, met so many new people, went to so many new places, I got a cat, bunny, and ducks, I learned how to make really good tofu, I read like 7 Philip Yancey books and a lot of other books I don't really remember, we came out with a new record, we went on two amazing tours, I realized that I love to garden, I broke my mothers heart by becoming a vegetarian, I walked 26 miles around a lake in one day, I couldn't walk the rest of that night cause my feet hurt so bad, I became an aunt for the 4th time, I discovered my love for bowling, and I learned so much more about myself but I think the most monumental thing ever about 24 is my relationship with God. I'm not just saying that cause that's what a "good Christian" would say, cause that's just silly. I just feel like I have never been more secure in my relationship with Him and I have never loved Him so much in my entire life. He showed me this year that in this faith we are always looking for God to do something for us and we look to the things we feel like He's promised us to be fulfilled and we hold on to those things, we hold on to the dreams of things to come instead of just looking to Him all the time and letting just Him be enough. And I've learned that no matter how big the disappointment that God is still faithful no matter what. I saw that no matter how many times I wanted to quit in different areas of my life I couldn't do it because His love is what strengthens me to keep going. Bottom line, He literally became everything to me this year. And I love it more than anything. So, 24 I will miss you and all you taught me but 25 I wanna see what you got. You know, I used to dread birthdays but I figure they are inevitable so I might as well just go with it. That is unless I pull a "Forever Young" and freeze my body for 50 years so I don't get old. Oh wouldn't that be glorious to be frozen now then thawed out when the aliens finally take over. Oh, but if I get frozen they would have to freeze Penny and Dodge and maybe one of the ducks.. Oh and my bed... Speaking of bed, I think I should sleep. We have a show somewhere in Colorado tomorrow so if you're gonna be there cool! If not, what are you doing with you life?! Get there!