My First Book

Something I love about my life and just life in general is that it really always is full of surprises. So much of life is brilliantly unpredictable with its twist and turns and ups and downs. But I’ve seen that if I can learn to go with it and enjoy the journey there are so many amazing things about life that I can discover.

Last summer was a summer of surprise for me. A publishing company called Regal Books approached me and they had heard (From Twitter. Yes, Twitter) that I loved A.W. Tozer? and they were putting a book together about him and wanted to know if I would be the editor of it. Talk about a surprise. Other than the occasional blog and writing song lyrics, I don’t consider myself a writer. But I do love trying new things and I LOVE the writings of Tozer so after prayer and a lot of thought, I said yes. I mean, why not! The other reason I said yes is I‘ve always been obsessed with reading and in order to be an editor, you have to read A LOT. So, it sounded like a job that would be pretty fun to undertake. Turns out, it was incredible.

The book is called Inspired By Tozer and what it’s about it it’s 59 different authors, leaders, pastors, musicians and athletes who took their favorite Tozer quote and they wrote about how it has impacted or applies their life. And at first I thought it should be pretty cool to see who is apart of it and what they write. I knew it would be good. But let me tell you this book has exceeded every expectation I ever had for it. We got so many amazing people to write for it and their stories are simply incredible and so moving. I love that for people who have no idea who in the world A.W Tozer is will pick the book up because they see that Kurt Warner, Shane Claiborne or Bill Johnson wrote for it and they will be introduced to a new world of writers. Oh yeah, I totally name-dropped right there. But I’m allowed to be proud cause I didn’t write it! I just edited. Oh and of course I made my sisters write for it too.

And I cannot believe the day is finally here!! November 1st, the release date that I have been working toward for the last year and a half. It’s finally here. I really am so proud of the men and women that wrote for this because they are men and women that I personally look up to in my own life. I trust their knowledge and walk with God because of how they have inspired me from afar. It was such an honor to have these people write for my book and now I’m so excited to share it with YOU! So, if you’re awesome and want to read it, you can find it at any major bookseller. Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Christian book stores. They all have it! I hope you love it and are just as inspired as I was when I read it. And I read it, like 100 times… Literally. But the crazy thing was, I loved it every time.

Love you guys!