My life... In a really large nut shell

The fireflies are out finally. You know, that's my favorite time of the spring/summer? I love sitting on my back porch and watching all the fireflies light up the backyard.. So, I'm sitting there now and I love the peacefulness cause life has been pretty crazy lately. I will try to recap my life in the last month for you.. I don't remember a lot, but I remember a lot of planes, I remember playing the drums, I drank a lot of espresso, I wrote my name a lot, I smiled even more, I got a gross blister on my hand that scared a manicurist while she was doing my nails, I drank an entire french press in one sitting and got so wired my family didn't know what to do with me, I played a lot of games of words with friends, I won some of those games, I got my butt kicked in some as well, I didn't sleep much when I had shows, saw the new Karate Kid, went for a walk on the beach and saw a dead seagull, went to Nashville to shoot some DVD footage, got to see my cousin in Nashville, realized how much I miss her cause I don't see her a lot, played some festivals and it was REALLY HOT OUT, ate Pinkberry to cool me down, sang Happy Birthday to my good friend who is very old now, ripped my favorite pair of jeans, had a burial for my favorite pair of jeans, finished another Philip Yancey book, stayed at the greatest hotel ever in California, tried all day to pre-order the new iPhone but to no avail, got seriously depressed about not getting the iPhone 4 the day it comes out, found out one of my friends may be able to get me the iPhone 4 right when it comes out, had a dream that night that I was hugging that friend, got an amazing app for my iPhone called plastic bullet (get it), obsessed over the game Angry Birds, got told I tweet too much, got insecure about my tweeting, tweeted about me tweeting too much, got over that insecurity really fast, I thought about getting Bosley for the bald spot on my head, decided against it, decided to go vegan, I ate cheese every day since then, I shopped at Target a lot, I got to see my lovely friend who I hadn't seen in months cause she lives so far away, bought a great album by Jonsi called Go, totally met Derrek Lee the first basemen of the cubs, got a picture with the one and only Derrek Lee, realized how short I was because of seeing that picture of me standing next to Derrek Lee, broke my favorite candle, went rock climbing, went on a bike ride, got attacked by a red winged black bird on that bike ride, checked my head to make sure where he bit me wasn't bleeding, discovered I now have ornithophobia, I smashed my copy of "The Birds", sent 4,974 text messages, was shocked at how much I text, text all my friends telling them about how much I text, I got a cold, still getting over that cold, and I tried writing a blog while watching Jurassic Park and the page was left blank until it was over, realized I can't write blogs while watching movies, found out that mom was right all these years when she told me I was ADD... So, that was, in the worlds largest nut shell, my crazy month. I'm delusional from lack of sleep from this past weekend of insane shows and from getting 7 hours of sleep in 3 days. So my friends, goodnight to you. Hope you are glorious.