Oh hello.. It's me again

I know its totally cliche to say this, but for me, this really is the most wonderful time of the year. This season holds such a wonderful feeling to me that no other season can really compare too..There is just an energy in the air. Maybe its because everything, everywhere you look is extra sparkly. That might help. I love being home in December. Last year we were home but we were making the album so we didn't get to enjoy it so much cause we were writing day and night. But this year we get to live it to its fullest. And Chicago is AMAZING during the Christmas season. If you've never been downtown you must go. Granted it is so cold you will possibly get hypothermia the second you step outside, but to walk around and just take in the beauty of the city is sorta worth it. The decorations are amazing and the window displays in Marshall Fields (now known as Macy's) are always my favorite. Oh! Speaking of downtown, we are totally playing a show at the Apple Store on Michigan Ave on Dec 12 at 3 pm. Yeah, I'm pretty amped to play at it. I love Apple. Maybe they will let me work at the Genius Bar for a little bit.. Honestly, I just want to wear one of their cool shirts with the funny "one liner" on it. Anyways. The show is acoustic and totally free. So I highly recommend you showing up. I'm pretty sure I'll be going. We've been taking a lot of time to relearn our Christmas songs from the album just for that show.. It's always fun getting to sing crazy harmonies like that.. Well, that was kind of a tangent. Sorry about that (..but not really... ) So what I was saying before. It's wonderful to be home.

I have a movie recommendation for all of you. I usually never recommend movies but this one is just to good to pass up. The Blind Side. I actually saw it two times in the past week. That movie is the most beautiful story of true selfless love. Of looking outside of yourself and seeing someone who needs to be believed in, someone who needs to be loved. Seeing not who someone is but all they can be and doing it regardless of what anyone thinks. I loved it. It was a truly inspiring movie. And now, thanks to that movie, The Ravens have a new fan. Well, Michael Oher and his family have a new fan. So, bottom line, get your booty out to a movie theater and go see it.. NOW.. Yes, I'm telling you what to do. I'm the baby of the family. It's what I do!

Well, I hope all of you are enjoying your lovely Christmas season as much as I am. That you are only listening to Christmas music (our CD hopefully), drinking a lot of egg nog lattes (personally, I'm not), baking a lot of cookies and not shopping all THAT much. And I want to encourage you, this season can be hard for a lot of people. Find someone to show love to this season. Find someone that helps you see outside of yourself and your comfy life and do something beautiful for someone else. Because isn't that what life is all about?

Until next time

Lauren Ashley