Welcome to my brain. Consider yourself warned.

Sup everybody! And if you're old and reading this and wondering what "sup" means, it means "what's up." or "what is up" but I'm trying to be cool so I say "sup" like the rest of the cool kiddo's so I can remain youthful.
Today was so fun. The girls, Beka and I got to hang out with our good friends in Stellar Kart and their whole posse today. They had a day off in Chicago so they came out to our place. It was awesome seeing them. Pretty much love those guys...

Soooooo , guess who's tired? Me. Guess who has a CD coming out tomorrow? Yours truly... Guess who played two incredible shows at Disney World this weekend and went to fake Italy at Epcot and ate in fake France there as well?! Me Me and me again. These are all good topics. I shall elaborate. Let's start with Disney World. Night of Joy (which is at Disney) is by far one of my most favorite shows to play all year round. Why, you ask? Cause what girl doesn't love playing a show at the "happiest place on earth." I mean, you get to play a rock show then go ride on the Peter Pan ride. Yeah, pretty sure normal venues don't have that ride. And they don't have Space Mountain. And you can't meet Prince Eric there either. So, Disney just owns it cause on the inside I'm a like little child that just is inLOVE that place. Yup, I'm NOT ashamed.

Ok, so why am I tired you ask? Well, it was a long weekend and I didn't get much sleep at all last week so I just need a few good days of sleeping-in till 7 pm and I'll be just grand. I like sleep. So sue me. (No please don't sue me. All you literal people, that's what us funny kids call a joke) ( I repeat... Do NOT sue me)

And and AND!!!! What is this CD I am talking about? Huh? What? Yup, new CD kids. Let's get excited (no seriously, now. I literally want you jumping for joy.. I can see you) . I think I talked a little bit about it before but I'm gonna talk about it more cause I can, cause I invented this blog (not really but I like to think I'm that cool). The project is called "Our Journey.. So Far." It is a compilation CD of our past 5 records. Its all of our favorite songs, the ones that mean the most to us girls, on one CD. Now I know when people think of a CD like this a lot of people think "So, are they calling it quits??" No. No, 100% absolutely NO for us girls. This to us is a celebration of the last 10 years, of everything we've done, the entire journey as a whole from beginning till now. And also what I love about it is the CD booklet. It is my fav CD booklet we've ever done. It's has pictures and everything in it from the day we started in this business till now. AND my incredible cousin Sarah Barlow put together an amazing coffee table book of all the pictures she has of us girls from when we first started till now and lets just say that book is very attractive. I have 1 out of the 500 books they made ( I'm just the luckiest). Also we shot a TON of dvd footage that is gonna be on the website that goes along with all of it. Its kinda like a documentary of the journey (But more a mockumentary cause I'm in it.). I'm so proud of this project and YES!!! It comes out tomorrow so I'm amped... It's always incredible to look back on the journey God has had us on and see all that I've learned and gotten to experience. The good times and the not so good times. But God has been so faithful every step of the way and I have grown up so much. I mean, I just turned 18 when we got signed. So much has happened, I've gotten to meet thousands of people and travel the world and see the power of God move so incredibly in those places. And I know there is still so much to come. This journey is just beginning and I'm excited to see what God has in store for us. So pals, if you feel so inspired, go out and get a copy ( this is me inspiring you. go and go now). Or you can order a copy on the site, cause Becca totally helped design that amazing cherry blossom shirt that comes in the package. And I picked out that the shirt should be black. (not really but I want to make it sound like I did something too)

Ok friends. I'm tired and this blog is as scattered as my thoughts are ALL the time. So this little blog is like saying, "hey guys! welcome to my weirdo brain. Hope you're not scared. But don't make yourself at home cause you can't live here. Cause this ain't your brain suckas!"

Oh and I totally owned the parenthesis in this blog. go me