Rowboat part 1


Hello, this is the beginning of a book im writing, and i want to share it with anyone willing to read it!


It’s midnight. The rain is pounding so hard against the roof. I love this sound. I always leave my window open when its raining. I get this...this adrenaline rush; I love the sound of the rain hitting against the house. I guess I can say its my favorite past time. Ethan is sleeping over tonight. As much as I love being alone most of the time; I hate sleeping alone. I cant stand it. Why cant I just be afraid of the dark?
Its eleven thirty, Ethan should be here by now. He's been sleeping over all this week. I need him. I’ve known him sense sixth grade. I remember the first time we met in our small classroom. He was the nerd wearing those Harry Potter look a-like glasses. No one laughed at him though. There was this thing about him, like, if you made a remark about him; his crazy uncle would come after you. Our teacher, Mr. Newton assigned him to sit behind me. We always bumped chairs. It was so annoying. “Can you scoot in, I need to stand up.” Id say rudely. “Oh sorry,” he’d always reply in a sweet tender voice. When ever I looked at him, he looked frightened. He looked like a lost child. He still looks like that.
Now we’re juniors and he’s the most amazing guy I’ve ever known. He inspires me, he makes me want to be a better person. If I didn't have him in my life, I’d go out of my mind. I can’t picture life without him. He’s like that brother I’ve never had. Needless to say, I’m an only child. I’ve never wanted any siblings. I always had friends accompany me. The only time I wish I did have brothers and sisters was when I watched movies. How the dad would come home after a long day at work and his ten year olds’ would run shouting to the front door, greeting there papa. He’d have this huge grin on his face, and tickle his young offspring. Then those little wild brats would run away and continue doing what they were doing, before their papa came home.
I recall when I was eleven, I desperately wanted to experience what those kids did in the movies; being my idiotic self, I remember my dad was coming through the front door and I ran to greet him with a wide smile and opened my arms to embrace him; only to find this disgusted look on his face. He looked at me like I was out of my mind to touch him. Or look at him for that matter. I hated him after that. I don’t think I’ve ever liked him. That night, I dont think I’ve ever cried as hard. I kept thinking to myself, “He doesn’t like me. He doesn’t like me.” After that incident, I didn’t like him either. Or care for that matter. He treated me like I didn‘t deserve to live; my mom, she was scum to him. He was always so selfish.
When me and Ethan were in seventh grade, we had a humanities block class together. He would usually sneak in through my bedroom window, and we’re do our homework together. I could always count on him. We never really talked much. But we both felt this magnetic bond to each other. Like we were long lost twins or something. He’s like the brother I’ve never had, and I was the sister, he never had. He did have a sister; but his mom had misfortune in her pregnancy. Her name was was going to be Veronica. She was eight months; in the womb. We were eleven. I remember, when we were on our way to school, it was a few miles from home. We would take his grandpa’s small rowboat, and row to school together. I recall it so perfectly; when I walked down to the creek that morning, I looked forward at Ethan, and in the distance I could see his troubled face. I quickly run to the boat. I sat down quietly beside him, and he looked at me, with those troubled frightened eyes. I gave him a shy smile. He looked away, and we slowly rowed to our elementary school. Half way down our trail, he put his petal aside, and placed his hands on his face. After a little moment, he finally spoke. “Bella, I have to tell you something...Your the only friend I have.” He spoke softly through his palms. I could hardly hear him. This is when I realized we were friends. Sense we’d been coming to school together for the past two months; he considered this friendship. “What is it?” I looked down at his boots. It was November. The air was cold. Both our mittens were wet from the slight damp rain. “Um, last, my mama was drawing me some water for my bath. the floor already had a few wet puddles on the ground, we have a leak in our tub. Well, she was about to pour the water from the kettle into the tub, when, I got so excited, I dropped the bar of soap I was holding, and just right before she took another step, the bar of soap slid right under her foot. I screamed,..and” suddenly his raw emotions took affect and he was sobbing uncontrollable. I quickly rapped my arms around him. “oh Ethan! I’m so deeply sorry!” He didn’t have to finish what happened.
“Bella,” Ethan finally came. He was soaked from the rain. I’m glad I placed towels on the floor, otherwise my carpet would be soaked.
“Ethan, finally. I was worried you weren’t coming. I thought maybe you changed your mind.” I spoke, as I went over to my closet to get him some dry clothing.
“Oh no, I was just...caught up in something.” He grinned. “So, you finish that history report for Sanders? That guy would not stop talking about how its important not to procrastinate, and finish assignments early. Man he drives me nuts.” He chuckled.
“Ya, I finished it this morning. Well, technically you finished. Did you finish my lab assignment? I have to turn it in tomorrow.” I handed him my handy-down nightgown. I forgot to wash his pj’s. I’d happily give them to him, but I don't think he wants to smell like a fudge sundae. Last night we had a food fight. I sure didn’t feel like doing laundry today.
“You serious? You want me to wear a dress?” He gave me an awkward look. He stared at the worn-out gown.
“Ok, I forgot to wash your pj’s from last night. You can wear the nightgown, or... sleep in your wet cloths. Man, I can’t believe you didn’t bring a coat!” I replied.
“Oh sorry mother,” he joked. “I’ll finish the lab in the morning, I'll put it in your book bag once its done.”
I love the fact we do each others homework. I love history and he loves science. We make a good partnership. After Ethan changed, we went down stairs and I set the kettle and we made a couple sandwiches.