BarlowGirl Live Chat Questions...

So for all who missed the BarlowGirl Live Chat, here are some of the questions they answered, I didn't get them all. But they answered about 6-8 questions and sang "Stay With Me". So here are some of the questions:
Betty asked: What is Lauren's real hair color?
Lauren said: brown
Sarah asked: How do you chose who gets to sing lead vocals?
BarlowGirl said: They said they ask what they feel like singing, and what they are going through in their life right now. And they also said that sometimes it's just obvious, like if you get a rock song, Alyssa said that that would be something Lauren would have to sing, because of the differences in their singing voices.
Mariah asked: What does Lauren's necklace say?
Lauren said: It's the Italian word for love. And she got it because it's been their dream to go to Italy.

So this is all the questions I got. Sorry if you missed the live broadcasting!!!