the end is near

when i think about the rapture and how everything is coming closer and closer to jesus coming to the earth again i get scared but yet i am excited. It is scary and exciting at the same time but to realy to really think that its close is shocking! jesus is practically at the door!
idk if im the only one thinking about this but i believe everyone should because there are sighns pointing to it.
it makes me think of that song that toby mac just wrote " city on its knees" how right away i made the connection with the end times and barlow girl , you can tell me if its wrong, but your song beautiful ending kind of reminds me of the end because it will be beautiful at the very end when the earth is the new heaven and when we are all together praising god and living,finaly, in peace and joy and pure happiness. it will be amazing.
i want to thank god everyday because he has gratefully blessed me and i can not wait to go to him i love you god.