First blog entry - What should I write?

Hello there!
Well, as you've noticed, this is my first blog entry here. And, honestly, I don't know what I wanna write. I just know that I want...more than that, I know that I NEED to write something.

Have you ever felt like there was a huge party going on your thoughts and feelings? (I really hope you say "yes", otherwise I may think that I'm a little crazy). I woke up today with this "hangover kind of feeling"... things are weird, I'm not excited about absolutely nothing! (not even with my b-day tomorrow) There's a lot in my mind and heart, but nothing in particular.

So I decided to write it down, to put my heart and thoughts on the screen. Maybe this'll help me organize the mess that's inside of me.

Now I'm listening to "Psalms 73". It's one of my favorites Psalms ever and when I first heard BG's song, I remember thinking: "Man, this girls really got the mood of this psalm". And while listening to it, something triggered deep inside of me: maybe I'm thinking way too much about what's happening to the others, and not giving the same attention to what God is doing with me.

Maybe their blessings are happening faster than mine, but my blessings will come too.
Maybe...for a moment... I've lost my focus.
And that's very sad and preoccupying.

ps: sorry about any lame english mistakes, non native-speaker here, but I promise to be better and better next time.