Comparison of Adidas Shoes Vs Nike Shoes

Adidas, Nike , which brand products of better quality, more refined appearance good-looking?By Nike adidas, compare results, we can see just two different kind of sports brand, are two of the more motion concepts, the trade-off between the two kinds of sports culture and Contest.

As we all know, Nike and adidas is the global campaign for one of the best known brands on the market, compare between Adidas, Nike, what is different?We can learn from the following aspects:
1、History of adidas Nike
Adidas as the world's leading sporting goods, whose predecessor was founded in 20 of the last century, was officially founded in the 1940 of the 20th century.Historical perspective, Comparison of Adidas Vs Nike adidas is an established sports brand, Nike is the rapid rise of new representative.
2、Comparison of Nike and adidas ads
After the Nike company was founded there in silence for a few years,In 1984, the medium-term, Nike and adidas, almost at the same time have a cushion of depositing the notice in running shoes to relieve shoe technology.And they are almost in the same time period will the shoe market, this matter became a turning point in the rise of the Nike brand.Because Nike ad positioning, positioning in the "Michael Jordan",On the history of the world and the greatest of basketball player Michael Jordan signed a 5-year contract Spokesmen invited Jordan as its brand,Creative in conjunction with Nike Jordan shoes, Nike marketing strategy and the whole sneaker and sportswear line core,Not only increases the Nike brand appeal, Nike has created the best way to demonstrate their new technology.Nike advertising communication channels at the same time, focusing on powerful media, advertising to focus more on results rather than quantity, increase advertising dollars, pushing the brand to the public.

In fact, Comparison of Adidas Nike, their own strength, regardless of what brand are you loyal lovers, cannot deny the enormous value of another brand.