Tuesday Night Of Worship

Well i don't really have alot to say as a 1st blog entry, i've never really been good at blogging haha.

Today this evening at CFNI in Dallas, TX: Tuesday Night Of Worship...!

I love CFNI, and the way they hold in worship, it may be contemporary, just a tad entertaining, a TON of fun, but what i like most about it is, it's Real, In Your Face, and the whole purpose of "Worship" has not been forgotten: To Give Praise to The Lord of our lives, The Sovereign, AlMighty, Loving Father we know as GOD, and to sing to His Son, Our Savior, Jesus Christ. Who, in all impossibility made Possible, DIED for all of our sins, shed his blood for all of us, took the punishment we could never take, all because He Loves Us, and wants us to Accept Him,so that we can have Not only a better Life, but a Better Future in Him, and so we can have Everlasting, Non Ending Life with Him in Heaven. This why is love worship. No one is perfect, we all have our faults, ive had too many to list, from everything to Drugs, Alcohol,and over 20 exes of mine who were involved in everything from witchcraft to things darker than i could ever mention on here. but THANK GOD that He sent His Son Jesus to save me. THANK GOD that He has cared so much for me that He was always by my side, and THANK GOD that im still alive to see the rest of my life with Him, and to Fight in this world beside HIM. i still struggle, The Enemy always trys to pull me back in, to destroy me, to devour me, kill me, crush me. THANK JESUS though, that The Enemy will never again Have me. So whether i'm at home, or at Tues. Night Of Worship, or learning about worship from my Pastor and Leader Victor Thompson, i am grateful for everything God has done for me, and i will Sing Sing Sing to lift Jesus HIGH! lol. Sorry if this is a little long, i didn't realize God gave me a blog entry till now. Cool huh? Everyone be Safe, Be Blessed, and May His Favor be upon you for the rest of your lives. ~ Sky Angel J