It's Beginning to Sound a Lot Like Christmas

Hey everyone!

We are out on tour right now.. And I hope you are all NOT on tour right now cause if you are you’ll totally be stealing our thunder..

Now, maybe most of you have seen our rock set and some of you have seen our acoustic set but lets be honest, most of you have yet to experience the tour that just started! Its called Acoustic Winter’s Night. (I know, so cool and mysterious of us right?)

Its been such a crazy journey for us to get to this place, we have been asked to do a Christmas tour since the album came out and of course we have just kept saying no.. But this year the three of us Barlow’s decided that it was just the right time to do our first Christmas tour EVER! And we are super excited about it!! We have added a lot of new things on this tour, things we have wanted to do for so long and now we found the perfect tour to put them on. But we aren’t gonna tell you what those cool things are. Looks like you are just gonna have to come see the tour :) But we will tell you we have string players playing on stage with us which just makes the songs sound soooo much better!!

And another awesome thing about the night is the ministry at the end. As most of you know ministry and prayer is always so important to us girls. Honestly its the most important part of our shows. It’s always so amazing to watch God touch hearts, change lives and letting us be apart of it. We have also partnered with an amazing ministry called Operation Christmas Child on this tour which makes it even more special for us.

So we would LOVE to see you guys while we are out on the road.

Go to for an up to day tour schedule.


Lauren, Alyssa and Rebecca