Prayer of the Thirsty

Lord, I come thirsty and hungry for more of You.
I want to drink from the cup of Your hand
to receive Your loving kindness
amazing love of Your work You did upon the cross
and in Your glorious resurrection.
My sins are erased from my mind
and I am healed by the stripes upon Your back,
Jesus. I receive Your love
and forgiveness that’s empowered
by Your holy Spirit that I walk in Your light
and in Your power, totally consumed by You
from the inside of my heart and soul
to the very outside of my being.
For nothing in this world can harm me.
I am Yours.
Nothing comes to me that hasn’t passed through You,
o God. Your love surrounds me
and stirs up the flame within to praise
and glorify You all my days. Jesus,
You are the ONETHING I AM pursuing
from now on everything and everyone else becomes after You.
I seek You first
and every other piece will fall
into place for the glory and honor and praise of You.

No more stonewalls
and jail doors surround my heart or soul;
they have fallen to the ground
when you took me into Your kingdom.
Lord indwells deep within me
for I am Your walking vessel,
use me and mold me
to be more like You.
I love You and thank You
for everything You have done,
doing and are going to do in my life.
Father God, Holy One, Master, Savior,
I thirst and thirst for You
night and day
but I want more and more of You.
My body longs for
an embrace from You.
O Lord when you wrap
Your strong mighty arms around me
Your love sends Holy Ghost fire burning
on my skin and deep within me.
Stir up more of Your Holy flame
in and around me
like there is just an ore
of Your glory surrounding me.
Every day may I wake up
and feel Your holy presence around me
and when I lay my head down
to rest may only thoughts of You
consume my mind.
Your peace let it rain down upon me
and in the nights that darkness
tries to pull me down
in the gutter of death.
For Your Word says,

“For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.”
and the lies of the devil.
Jesus to You I’m running.
I AM thirsty for more of You.