Sep 1st, 2010

I absolutely cannot believe that its September 1st... Mainly for two reasons.

Jul 30th, 2010

Well, its not that late and I can't sleep so I thought writing it up would be a pretty good idea. We just flew to Colorado and all the girls are asleep cause they are sooooo old. But I'm the young whipper snapper of the group so I'm still wide awake. (make sure I never say "whipper snapper" ever again ok?) I also just went on a run right when we got here so I'm not all that sleepy yet. BUT just give it a second cause any minute I'll doze off and start drooling like my sisters do cause I'm actually officially old, just like them. Guys, I turned 25 yesterday. I 'm kinda freaking out, yet in a state of shock. And I know most of you are shocked cause you just realized that the youngest person in a group of girls that all look under the age of 18 is in-fact 25 years old. Yes, we look really young for our age. Everyone in my parents families look really young and we also buy stock in Botox. So that really helps....

Jul 24th, 2010

Ok, so I know there's been a lot of you concerned about my health and whether or not I have rabies. (I know this cause I've received tweets about it.) So i found out that in my baby sisters last blog she mentioned that I had gotten rabies from a pet raccoon we used to have. For those of you that know us girls, you know we are very sarcastic. So, no I do not have nor have ever had rabies. We did have 6 baby raccoons as pets for a day, but i was never bit by one. I have however been bit by many other animals. No I'm not kidding- and my sisters seem to find it hilarious. For example, one year as kids our parents surprised us with a dog. I ran over to hug it cause I was so excited and it bit my neck. I didn't say a thing though cause I knew if my dad had seen it he would have taken the dog back. Lauren, however, takes the cake on animal stories. We had a rabbit that used to belong to a magician. It could pick a card from the deck, and even play dead.

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