Oct 24th, 2012

To our amazing friends and fans,

This has truly been an interesting year for the three of us. We have spent most of the last three years writing songs and searching for inspiration. As a part of that season, we’ve also been seeking direction and a new plan for what God has for our lives. In the midst of this journey our songwriting times turned less and less into songwriting and more and more into God speaking to us about His new plans for us. And the outcome is that God is gently leading us in a new direction. The three of us really feel, and all agree, that the Lord is leading us to make a huge change in our lives and we want you to be the first to know about it.

Feb 14th, 2012

Happy Valentines day from all of us.
We are on the road right now and we celebrate today with a day off in Southern Cali and a fun bike ride with the 3 of us, close friends and a cousin. To most people a bike ride is something leisurely to do, but for us 40 miles was our goal this Valentines.
The thing I love most about Valentines day is we took on a challenge many years ago, instead of us spending the day depressed (let's be honest) we decided to make the day very special for those we knew that were single. Instead of us sulking we took the opportunity to encourage others. By celebrating with them or sending flowers, cards and cookies to brighten their day. We started that tradition when I was in High School and we have kept it ever since.
So if your feeling down at all this Valentines day remember that you being a blessing to someone else will make your Valentines the best One ever.

Dec 20th, 2011

It's the last week of our favorite things in our hometown with the Keys To A Chicago Christmas!

A unique German Christmas tradition that takes place in Daley Plaza! Grab some authentic German street food and wander through all the unique vendors. Make sure while you're at the Daley plaza you see a 50ft Pablo Picasso Sculpture. We Chicagoans love guessing what inspired this sculpture.(unnamed)

CLICK HERE to learn more!

Macy's State Street
Macy's on State Street is known for its beautiful window displays, a holiday tradition since the 1800's when the company was called Marshall Fields. But make sure you take a closer look, head inside to see the Great Tree in the Walnut Room.

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