May 17th, 2010

Hey internet! (or as my mom still calls it "the world wide web") We are just on a plane (shocker) flying home from Guatemala and I thought that I'd like to write a journal. Also, Beka Hardt was kicking my butt in Yahtzee and I hate to lose- and right now she is looking over my shoulder asking me to tell you all her score. She got 441 points, and I...well I just lost. So next time any of you see her maybe you can congratulate her, get her a trophy, or throw a party. Oh and Becca Barlow wants everyone to know it was a joint effort. Yes they both played against technically I think it wasn't really a fair game...

Apr 5th, 2010

I think the Spring is pretty much my favorite time of year... One of my favorite things is the rain and thunderstorms. We had a huge storm last night that knocked the power out while all our family was over for Easter. I kinda loved it. I pretty much own stock in candles so we put candles all around the house and it was just beautiful. Pretty sure if Y2K would have ever actually happened, we so would have owned it....Well, for a few hours at least cause it got annoying that we couldn't Netflix a movie...or go on the internet... or open the fridge...

Mar 15th, 2010

Can I just say that daylight savings time is one of the lamest things ever invented? I've decided to stick it to the man and not set my clock ahead an hour. I may be an hour late for everything until the fall but who cares?! Cause every time I'm late I can at least say, "I may be late but I stuck it to the man!" I guess we will see how long that lasts. The real problem is, I hate losing an hour of sleep.. I'll just sleep later. Bam, problem solved.

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