Dec 7th, 2009

The biggest lesson God has been trying to teach me has been knowing who I am—I mean really knowing who I am and why I exist. I've studied for years different Bible verses on destiny and identity. I've spoken those words hundreds, maybe thousands of times...even when I thought they weren't true.

One thing I began to realize is that I have a very warped view of what a beautiful ending is. When I die and go to heaven, God won’t be asking how many albums I sold, if I had #1 singles, if I was a successful artist, if I made money, if I had a million Twitter followers or the most friends on Facebook. And yet for myself, and so many others, that has so often been my "finish line.” I think that somehow, when all is said and done, those things will give me value and make me feel like I've lived a full and successful life.

Dec 3rd, 2009

I know its totally cliche to say this, but for me, this really is the most wonderful time of the year. This season holds such a wonderful feeling to me that no other season can really compare too..There is just an energy in the air. Maybe its because everything, everywhere you look is extra sparkly. That might help. I love being home in December. Last year we were home but we were making the album so we didn't get to enjoy it so much cause we were writing day and night. But this year we get to live it to its fullest. And Chicago is AMAZING during the Christmas season. If you've never been downtown you must go. Granted it is so cold you will possibly get hypothermia the second you step outside, but to walk around and just take in the beauty of the city is sorta worth it. The decorations are amazing and the window displays in Marshall Fields (now known as Macy's) are always my favorite. Oh!

Nov 21st, 2009

Well, I'm sitting on a plane right now and this plane totally has WIFI! I find that amazing. I'm iChatting people on a plane! And the signal kicks butt. It's almost better than it is at my house. Maybe I'm just easily amused but that really amazes and excites me, and even makes me tear up a bit! Oh technology, you are too kind! I would like to take this moment to thank Al Gore for inventing the internet. What… A… Guy.

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