Nov 11th, 2010

Hey everyone!

We are out on tour right now.. And I hope you are all NOT on tour right now cause if you are you’ll totally be stealing our thunder..

Now, maybe most of you have seen our rock set and some of you have seen our acoustic set but lets be honest, most of you have yet to experience the tour that just started! Its called Acoustic Winter’s Night. (I know, so cool and mysterious of us right?)

Nov 3rd, 2010

Th Spirit Of Adoption
Romans 8:15 For you Have not received a spirit of slavery leading to fear again but you have received a spirit of adoption as sons by which we cry out Abba Father

So I have been thinking about Adoption lately. I think all my life I have thought of adoption as one thing, I thought it was taking a child from being an orphan to being loved. But as I began to open my thinking about adoption I began to see that we are all in need of adoption. Romans 8:15 is a little glimpse into that. But the other piece that I kept feeling is adoption can be applied to more then just children but to businesses, bands, churches and whole Cities!

As I began my search of desiring this Spirit of Adoption I felt like he turned my heart to my city. And why not? I live there I should be praying for it.
Then I began to picture different business that I often frequent. In the economy we are in every business is in need of prayer! I started adopting those business to pray for.

Oct 19th, 2010

Well folks.. its that time again. The time where I write a blog and force you to read it.
I'd like to have 3 cheers for my lovely sisters who have written the past two blogs! I mean seriously. I'm pretty sure you were all

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