barlow girl fan


I have listened to Barlow Girl for awhile now. I adore the music and the message. Life is not always easy but God gave these wonderful women a gift that they share with the world. I can't even count the number of times that I have listened to songs like "Never Alone" and "Open Heavens" when things get tough. God calls all Christians to be candles in the darkness and I just want to say you guys are doing something awesome with the gifts God has given you girls (Barlow Girl). Thank you, God Bless, and Merry Christmas.
-Your Fan firelarc

Life changing just to hear them

This summer i went to a camp called Winshape. I had gone two years before and this was my third. I never had been close to God, in fact i was running from him. My family was falling apart, we were living off of no money, I was hated, Not supported, Unloved, and just alone. I thought God had left me. My close friend had been raped, My drama department falling into chaos and my parents fighting and not a dime to spare. And being the oldest of five kids i also had the duties of keeping my home runnning and the kids clean and fed on my shoulders and i had just turned 15 on july 6. I have my dear friend katie who i had met become like my older sister help me lots and lots with everything, from my parents fighting day and night to waking up screaming from realistic nightmares. I needed the lord. I was too stuborn and stupid to just run to him open arms.

Me again

This picture's kinda old. It was taken last year... No, year before last! Like I said it's old but I'm posting it anyway. :)

I was 12 in this picture.

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