Play Like A Girl

Happy New Year!!!

LifeFest 09, Cary NC

This was an AWESOME concert!!!

I'll Be Home For Christmas

Happy 12 Days until Christmas!
I saw this video so I decided to post it. I love this song.

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Happy 25 Days until Christmas!!!

Review on Teenink

So I have an account on Teenink & they have a website & a magazine were your writing & art can get published. I was on there checking my replies on the forum & something told me to write a review on Barlowgirl. So I wrote the review & submitted it & hopefully it gets accepted & published in the mag or at least on the site. I don't know what told me to do it but I listened. Don't worry it's a good review

Live the Barlowgirl

Barlowgirl is so...AWESOME!!!!! I listen to it everyday, I can't resist it!!! I would never turn the CD player off when I have BARLOWGIRL IN MY CD PLAYER!!!!! I would not leave there WEBSITE EITHER! I would watch and listen to the MUSIC VIDEOS and VIDEOS, I would listen to MUSIC! See! I would never leave this SITE!!!!!!!!

ROCK'n Roll in a picture

Lauren the headbanger rock'n it out with her sisters.

Merry Christmas!

Happy 40 days until Christmas

Million Voices! 11.7.09


best ever! so intense.

Come Alive - 11.7.09

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