OK, so last night I went to LifeFest. And it totally ROCKED! BarlowGirl is so AWESOME!


Love & War

Listen to "Image" Online!!

If you're like me and didn't find out about BarlowGirl's hidden song until just recently and you can't figure out how to get it, then this is for you!!

You can listen to "Image" for free if you go to: I think the song starts playing by itself, but if it doesn't there's a button that says "Play Song" that you can click. :)

Here's a site that has the lyrics:

Enjoy! :D

Hallelujah, Light Has Come

A picture of BarlowGirl with the chorus from "Hallelujah, Light Has Come" across it.

BarlowGirl Rocks!

I doubt I need to tell anybody this, but I love barlowgirl!

If you three girls happen to be reading this (which I highly doubt) I just want to thank you for writing such beautiful songs! They are really inspiring! I hope to meet you in person soeday! (can you possibly tour Canada sometime?)

Some Favorite songs
I Believe in Love
Take My Chances
Average Girl
You Led Me
Harder than the first time
One More Round
I need You to Love Me
We Pray
Beautiful Ending(!!!!!!)

Another BarlowGirl Wallpaper


Here is another BarlowGirl wallpaper that I made. I hope you like it!! :)


Former SPers Unite! haha

Ello! bLuE04 here... So, I thought after chatting with former SPers on the live chat tonight, I'd post a blog! I would love to reconnect with everyone! So, if you are a former SPer, then by all means add me as a friend! :D
I know a lot of you guys are still sad that SP closed. But the Girls were only following what they felt God were telling them to do. And now we have this community on their new website! We also have Facebook and Myspace! Woot! :D
So until next time ya'll...

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