Great Concert


I took my 8 year old daughter to see Barlow Girl in concert for the first time in Conover, NC last night. The concert was awesome. It was a wonderful worship service not only for the children, but for the adults also. The girls provided a powerful message in addition to their awesome music.


Hey, does anybody know how to book BarlowGirl at our church?
I was just wandering, because I really want them to come, and my dad is the pastor, so he could make that work. :)

If anybody knows, please help me!! :)

Concert at JFest is Chattanooga TN

I am 25 years old and have lived a very music loving life i have gone to music festivals such as bonnaroo and more shows than i can count. Ranging from tool to modest mouse, gypsy kings, counting crows, incubus, garbage ect... just to name afew.
I was very excited that you were coming to TN and would be performing 20 minutes away from my house!
When i arrived i bought the ticket only to see you ladies perform!
I have recently dedicated my life completely to the Lord and for the past six months or so i have been doing my best with the Holy spirits help to live as God has commanded in his word. "To come out of her my people"..." to be in the the world but not of the world".. to be separate."
I no longer want to go to many secular concerts and i still have non-christian friends but things are different. I don't go places i used to go or do things i used to do.
This being said i was SHOCKED by your concert.

Junction City, KS concert, April 10, 2010


ok, where to begin?? i have sooo much to say lol ahhhh the concert was soooo amazing!!!! :D & then becca tweeted me after it. ahhhh :D she's so sweet

Becca Barlow

Picture I took at the concert in Brandon of Becca. :)


I love this picture!! I took it at the BarlowGirl/Superchick (and VOTA) concert in Longview, Texas.

My God's Enough

Alyssa is looking like she's going to tell a scary story... or rock out




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