My Nikes

So i was waiting in line for Barlow Girl to autograph something for me. As i waited i thought to myself.. Well what are they gonna sign? I dont have anything good with me. Then i looked down at my $110 Nike Airmax Wrights. And thought.. You know what. They are gonna sign my favorite shoes. So when it became my turn. I asked them if they would and they said yes. They also liked them quite a bit and held a nice little conversation bout the show. They put up and absolutely amazing perfomance!



hey barlow girl u guys are awesome your songs really speak to me and i love your story.

About Me

My name is Marina. I live in Ohio with my mom, little sister and step-dad. I go to a vocational school and I am training to become a web page designer. I first heard of Barlow Girl at church camp. Each dorm did skits, some of them involved songs. One of the skits was to the song "She Walked Away". I didn't know who the artist was until I saw their CD in a store a while later. My favorite Barlow Girl song is "Never Alone". Well that's just a little bit about me. Thanks for reading.

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