Me again

This picture's kinda old. It was taken last year... No, year before last! Like I said it's old but I'm posting it anyway. :)

I was 12 in this picture.

Bowling and weird girls

I went bowling yesterday. I had fun, I didn't do that bad either. :) (for me anyway)

People are always teasing me! I'm not sure why, but people just do! People I know tease me 'cause they think I give them funny expressions (I don't know if I do or not *shrugs*), but it seems that people are attracted to me, not like romance or anything but it's like people just know I'm a "good" person to tease! I have random people tease me all the time!

Yesterday when I was eating dinner, these teenagers came in (I think it was a double date), one of the girls I noticed was being very silly, not loud or anything she just seemed to have a goofy since of humor. They noticed me, but we ignored each other. (Well I ignored them anyway) They didn't stay very long, I think they got some frozen custard then left. But anyway the girls were out of the door before the guys were.


Me standing next to my window... I'm so bad at posing... You don't know how long it took me just to get one like this!

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