Love & War

Love & War

I'm so pleased with BarlowGirl's new album!!!! Love & War is simply AMAZING!!!!! The pictures they chose for their CD are really kewl; I especially like one with the red umbrella. It's so pretty. And I love Lauren's hair in that photo!!! I'm also a BIG fan of the album artwork they chose. :)
My favorite songs are:
Come Alive
Love is Marching
Time for you to Go
Tears Fall
Hello Sunshine

But of course I really like them all. I was so happy to see that the made a song about abortion (Tears Fall) on this record. I think they did a really good job on that song. And "Hello Sunshine" is a super song to wake up to in the morning. LOL. :)

And their new music video is SUPER KEWL!!! It was so well done. And I really enjoyed the setting of the video being in the woods. :) Furthermore "Beautiful Ending" is such a great song!!!!

To conclude this blog, I will simply say that I love Love & War!!!! :)

The Many Faces of BarlowGirl

I was bored one day, so I made a wallpaper...I was really bored.

Love & War- Running Out of Time

Love & War is totally BarlowGirl's best album yet. Their songs speak directly about problems in our culture. They don't just slightly hint around about how maybe we should kind of consider being different from the world. They just say it how it is. 'Running Out of Time' is a perfect example. "We know the truth. Still we don't stand, still we don't choose. We'd rather stay so comfortable stuck in our worlds under control...We stand by and watch and pretend not to see...Before it's too late, find where you stand. Let's use our voice while we still can...We're running out of time!" You have one life. One chance to make a difference. Will you sit around and do nothing, looking just like the world? Or will you get up, take a stand and do anything to tell others about God- not just any god, but the God of all of Heaven and earth, the One who created absolutely everything. What will you choose to do with your life? This is war so pick your side. Will you be with God or against Him?

I heart "Love & War"

I'm digging this new website. It's almost as awesome as the new album "Love & War." Almost. Almost. ;)

Well, I don't really know what to say. I'm just trying this out.

I'm excited for the upcoming tour with Superchic[k] and VOTA. However, I'll have to go out of state to see it. That is okay, though, it's definitely worth it to take a road trip.

I reviewed "Love & War" for A Time to Love Magazine. Go here to check it out:

I'm interested to see what happens with this new website. It could be really fun.

Catch ya later,


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