New CD

Love & War

I'm so pleased with BarlowGirl's new album!!!! Love & War is simply AMAZING!!!!! The pictures they chose for their CD are really kewl; I especially like one with the red umbrella. It's so pretty. And I love Lauren's hair in that photo!!! I'm also a BIG fan of the album artwork they chose. :)
My favorite songs are:
Come Alive
Love is Marching
Time for you to Go
Tears Fall
Hello Sunshine

But of course I really like them all. I was so happy to see that the made a song about abortion (Tears Fall) on this record. I think they did a really good job on that song. And "Hello Sunshine" is a super song to wake up to in the morning. LOL. :)

And their new music video is SUPER KEWL!!! It was so well done. And I really enjoyed the setting of the video being in the woods. :) Furthermore "Beautiful Ending" is such a great song!!!!

To conclude this blog, I will simply say that I love Love & War!!!! :)

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